10 Second Ninja

Absolutely a perfect game to sink some hours into. 10 second ninja is a fairly short game but nonetheless a good one. It consists of you playing level after level trying to complete it as fast as you can or at least under 10 seconds. The first levels of course starts out simple as you might would expect and slowly goes upwards in difficulty as you progress through the different worlds and get closer to the end of your story. It also has a somewhat unique and whimsical storyline as you fight the evil robot-nazis stopping them in their evil plans. The mechanics as well as controls of the game are quite smooth and works really well. And even thought you might get frustrated and think loudly to yourself that you surely did it right, is it probably because of your lack of skills rather than fault of the game. And i personally didn’t experience anything where i couldn’t find the fault to be my own and not the game even though I might have wished for that to be the case sometimes. The game also comes at a really cheap price at 2$ dollar and is often on sale in my own experience. So if you happen to stumble upon it when on discount or think it might be something for you can I almost guarantee that you’ll enjoy it and especially so if you are into destroying robot nazis.


Recommendation: Greatly Recommended
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Four Circle Interactive
steam page: link
Review date: 06-08-2016

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