A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi)

Movies are meant to be enjoyed and be something worthwhile that you can look back on with a smile because of how they moved you or filled you with joy in some shape or form. This sappy opening line does actually say something about this movie despite how it’s a little over the top. Koe no Katachi is a really well made movie from Kyoto Animation which has made Clannad and violet evergarden which in my book is some of the best examples of how to give you the feels when watching an anime.

The story is about an elementary school student that ends up picking on the new deaf girl to fill the time with his classmates. The story then takes up on the aftermaths of these events and with this creates a very cool story. I have only scrapped the bare minimum of the story as I feel like it’s better to go into this movie empty minded and then get taken in by the story and the main characters emotions. The reason why it’s such a good movie and why i can highly recommend it is everything the anime does to show the emotions and make it so you can understand and put yourself in the spot of the main character. You aren’t in doubt for a second what’s going on even when you share the doubts or confusion that the main character experiences. It’s able to take complicated emotions and simplify them and make them digestible so the viewer gets the full effect that they are having on the people involved. I can basically just say that it’s a great movie with stunning visuals and some captivating scenes able to reach your feelings and emotions. The only thing i found a little lacking was the story but even that i found enjoyable. A great movie worth a watch.

Recommendation: highly Recommended
Duration: 2h 10m
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Myanimelist: link
Review date: 09-09-2019

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