A Story About My Uncle

The game works by playing through the storytelling of the time our protagonist went looking for his uncle. It’s a nice concept when it comes to the story as you feel part of it and you’re building the story as it unfolds which is a neat trick and cool way to play the game. This gives the game a natural flow and makes the story more easily digested, and makes you feel more part of it. The way you play through this story is by slinging yourself through the many different places of this weird world you’ve encountered. It’s a very simple premise and easy to learn but it can at times get tricky as you sling across a big chasm that you might sadly not reach the other side of. It’s overall well done and the places you visit are really cool and pretty and the story is told in a unique way but I still didn’t find this game as price worthy as I feel others have.

It’s an alright story, but I for the most part found it a little boring and didn’t really feel motivated about it. It makes sense that you’re looking for your lost uncle, but we as the player don’t really have any incentives or connections with him which gives us a drive to go looking for him. And I really didn’t get any compassion towards any of the inhabitants of the world as if wanting to help them. They were for the most part just there and honestly a little annoying in my opinion but I might just have had a bad day and it shouldn’t go out on them. So what I guess I’m trying to say is that I like the setup of it all but I’m not to keen of the execution. It’s just not that interesting and you’re kind of just going through it all instead of enjoying the ride and the journey in my opinion. It’s a cool game and a really neat way to tell a story, It’s got some good gameplay which I for the most part found enjoyable but the world is what takes it away from me. It’s just a little clumsy and it’s of course expected to be a certain way with the movement and gameplay mechanics of you slinging everywhere but I still didn’t find it appealing. It was just overall a bit of a let-down at certain points and it didn’t really give me the excitement or curiosity I were hoping for. It’s an alright game but I only found it a bit mediocre after having played through it despite how cool and interesting everything feels at first.

Recommendation: Meh
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Gone North Games
steam page: link
Review date: 10-05-2019

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