Absolutey breathtaking. It’s quite an exategated thing to say, in my opinion when you claim for something to make you so astounded or affected by the experience that your breath is taken away by it, but i would say that this game is one of those that might do the trick. You simply can’t express the feeling when playing the game and how it makes you pulled into world. Abzü is a very simple and very beautiful game and a very fun time. You control a diver setting out on a small journey under the waves into the beautiful realm of the ocean floor and it’s many inhabitants. You swim through this really well made artistic view on a really cool and amazing journey under the sea. You start out in a small reef with some fish, corals and such and progressively explore more and more. There is no need to spoil any of the experience but you get around to some really interesting places which can be related to the real world but of course isn’t something you would imagine discovering when taking a trip to the beach. It is a fairly short game though so you should definitely value and enjoy your time exploring the seafloor as you swim around finding your way to your next discovery. But with all that said, It’s a very beautiful game and really something to tryout and enjoy for yourself in my opinion. It’s really a unique and well crafted game which is also shown by the price but i would say that it’s a must when on sale.


Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Giant Squid
steam page: link
Review date: 12-12-2018

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