Action Henk

I like that the slide ability is referred to as butt-slide, hehe. Well this game is fun and games, toys racing for the best time on hot wheels alike tracks in some kids room. The premise is quite simply as most other side-scrolling games as you simply just have to go the right and Action Henk has then included that you have to do it as fast as possible. You have different abilities and interactive parts of the map to give challenge and variety to the experience and make it more interesting. This might all sound quite like something you’ve have heard off before but the thing Action Henk does more so than anything else is that it’s done it well. The controls are quite smooth and well put together, no real performance issues at all, the levels and overall map pool is alright, so it’s a good game overall. So what else can I say go ahead buy it, have fun with it go enjoy it. Well there is this last thing to it, it gets quite boring quite quickly and the difficulty curve might not be, as I personally would like it to be on some aspects. Of course, no one says that everyone should be able to beat the game on toughest difficulty on first try or the other way around but this game had a weird feeling towards the latter levels. It doesn’t scale the same difficulty evenly on all levels or said in another way, silver difficulty doesn’t’ feel like silver difficulty when you get further in the game. I like to go for some difficult things when playing these games and go for the tough medals. It’s extremely tough to make good level design and make it a 100% smooth experience which it will never be for everyone so it’s not something I’m going to go hard down on since it also might just be me. But with that said, it’s a good game, it’s fun to play, the only downside really is the progression that might put to a halt towards the end and feels less rewarding the more you play. It’s not an insane amount but I still felt like it was there. I am not sure I put my thoughts into the right words the way I wanted to, but I suppose this is close enough ^^. Worth a purchase without a doubt when on sale but not something I would pay full price for, also because of how the game is quite dead when it comes to multiplayer and speed running and it never really had a big player base.


Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Action, Indie, Racer
Developer: RageSquid
steam page: link
Review date: 29-12-2018

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