Adventure Time

An amazing cartoon with great humour, awesome adventures and wonderful characters to shape the unique world.

Adventure time is the cartoon about the adventurous human finn and his magic friend Jake the dog that lives in a treehouse in the land of Ooo. They go on adventures as they beat up bad guys and parties with their many friends. This simple description covers the basis of the show but what it doesn’t tell you is how much it covers. There is a total of 283 episodes which is quite a lot so don’t expect it to be a short journey if you do decide to watch the show. I will say that it isn’t necessary by any means to watch the episodes in order but as you get further in the series does the need for watching them chronologically increase if you are interested in the story. And it actually does have a very cool and interesting story that I at least got quite invested in to see where it would lead next and how it would affect the characters involved in it.

But enough of that, Adventure time is just an awesome show that understands how to do things the right way. It’s fun, gets to the point and it’s got so many fun and interesting weird twists, characters and just a cluster of wonderful things to make up a great show and some awesome episodes. the world is so unique and special with so many interesting and cool characters that each episode is a joy to watch as you learn more about the secrets and customs of the world and the characters inhabiting it. You have the candy kingdom, ice kingdom, slime kingdom, breakfast kingdom, fire kingdom and a whole bunch of other kingdoms. Then you also have the nightosphere, dead world, farmworld, tree trunks’ house and many many more. There is so many places that gets shown throughout the series that it’s impossible to keep count but they all add up to make an awesome world that is so cool to see and experience through the eyes of our hero finn.

Finn and jake are the protagonists and they appear in almost every episode throughout the series. These are the heroes that needs to save the day or just mess around, eat some bacon-pancakes and have some fun playing video games. They grew up together and are best pals and have some awesome personas that is always a treat to watch. And this goes for almost all of the other people in the show. You obviously can’t make every character perfect but what the show does really well is making every character unique and interesting. There isn’t one person that looks like another and they all act and behave differently with different goals in mind which makes for some fun and weird episodes at times and funny interactions between them. It’s just fun and cool how diverse everything is and how it all fits together to create some awesome episodes.

I just really liked watching adventure time and I’m very glad I took the time to watch the final seasons of it. The first couple of seasons doesn’t focus much on anything other than just making some awesome episodes and establishing the world. But as you get further towards the end of the series is when it starts to wrap up and comes up with some really awesome stories to finish the story in what I thought was a very nice way. It’s just a great show and if you like fun and interesting characters with some great story telling them I’m sure this show can suit your needs. The only real thing that can discourage people is how weird it sometimes gets and honestly preposterous but that is truly the charm of the show so if you don’t like it then it might just not be the show for you. Greatly recommended.

Recommendation: Very Highly Recommended
Seasons: 10
Production: Cartoon Network
IMDb: link
Review date: 06-04-2019

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