Alpha Protocol

Everyone can imagine inside their head an old third person shooter with some clunky character models and even more clunky controls, Alpha Protocol is just what you would imagine that to be. It’s one of those old classic games where you go on a mission, hear some uninteresting backstory as the game tries to build up a bit of a joke plot and character development. Then you join a level trying not to sigh too much about how the shooting, movement and gameplay mechanics just doesn’t tie the game together at all. It’s not as if it’s the worst game ever made but it really isn’t something that’s fun or interesting that you should invest time in as I quite simply don’t see how it could ever be worth spending your time on. But with all that said is it still really easy to see how much time and dedication that’s been put into this game it’s only 8 years old as of writing this review, as i got out in 2010 and it’s something that doesn’t even get close to old titles like half life and don’t even compare it to the other titles that came out that year. it was the year red dead redemption, Limbo, Super meat boy, the first black ops and many more and you can’t really see yourself comparing this to any of those other titles in story, gameplay or esthetic looks or anything else for that matter. All in all it’s a third person mission shooter with everything about it being clunky so it definitely appeals to some people in that aspect but with all the games that lie at your disposal at this day and age is it not something i would recommend.


Recommendation: not recommended
Genre: shooter
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
steam page: link
Review date: 08-11-2018

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