I didn’t really have any expectations or much knowledge about the game except a small idea of how it all worked before I played. I were welcomed into a cool and adventurous world full of challenges and fun for hours. The game itself works like a board game with some elements from card games and some fun character building. You choose your character and then you race for the throne. There is a bunch of things that make Armello a really great game. One of those is the way the game itself works. You have four characters that all work with the same goal in mind to be the new king of the land and dethrone the old one. It is a great game since you have these different ways of obtaining this goal and clear the win conditions. There are four ways to be the new king and It’s very easy to focus on one strategy to win at first and quickly end up going for something else that’s more favorable and sweep away the throne before anyone else has a chance. The game is very dynamic and the different elements and mechanics of the game work really well together creating a fun and interesting game experience. Other than the game itself is the art, music, map layout, and basically most other things crisp, solid and all-around well put together making it an enjoyable game.
The only downside I can see to the game is the lack of new elements, which I found myself hungering a bit for after winning with all four win-conditions and trying out the different characters.
Other than that is it a really fun game and despite I didn’t enjoy the online multiplayer as much because of some slow opponents can it be really fun to play with others and probably really fun with friends if you chose to do so.I can greatly recommend it, a fun experience.


Recommendation: Greatly Recommended
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Developer: League of Geeks
steam page: link
Review date: 19-10-2017

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