Assassination Classroom

Very unique and interesting premise that I probably wouldn’t guess if i just heard the title or saw a poster. Great anime with some cool animation and some funny moments.

The story is about a really friendly yellow tentacle dude that gets a class of students that has the job of killing him, their teacher. They have a year to do so and pass their exams or it’ll be a little problematic.

I’m not really sure what to write about the show. It’s not your run of the mill anime even though it still is. I guess it’s just a bunch of kids that have it tough in school and that now instead of regular school also has to learn to kill. The things this anime does really great is depicting the characters. You get a good understanding behind their motivation, train of thought and personality throughout the show. This makes you feel more familiar with each of them and makes it more interesting to see them progress and follow along the story. It’a a good show and I would recommend it but it’s more centered around slice of life in my opinion but kinda disguised with action if that makes sense

Recommendation: Recommended
Episodes: 22
Studios: Lerche
Myanimelist: link
Review date: 07-10-2019

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