Avatar: The last airbender

It’s got a few years on its behind about now, but that’s not relevant. Avatar is a really great show and it’s gonna stand the test of time if I have anything to say on the matter.

Avatar: The last airbender is a show about a young guy called ang who ends up becoming the avatar. sadly some fire benders (bitches) tries get in the way of him following his destiny so he flees and he freezes himself and some time passes. some water bending fellas finds him and off they go. The reason I like the show as well as so many others is the way it combines a cool story with some charismatic and interesting characters all wrapped up in some cool animation. All this bending and the way it’s portrayed is just really cool and well executed to pull you in even more.

It has the classic main hero and his gang setup with some comic relief and all the good stuff. they then get new friends and companions along the way as their little group expands and as they grow as characters and their views changes. They learn new cool skills and abilities as well as learn a lot about the world and how to save it and make it a better place. They of course also have the fire benders clan that are trying to take over the world with some evil and badass villains.

It’s a great series with a lot of great components to make it all come together and be enjoyable and interesting. It might not be for everyone but I’m certain lot’s of people can enjoy it many others already have.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Seasons: 3
Production: Nickelodeon Animation Studio
IMDb: link
Review date: 14-11-2019

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