Back to Bed

So back to bed is a great example of how weird things can get when you let your dreams and imagination take over. The game is a simple puzzle game with the goal of guiding the sleepwalking bob back to bed and keeping him safe from harm. You do this by controlling the environment to make a path that is safe and that leads him to his warm and cosy bed. It’s not really that complicated but that’s usually what is so awesome about puzzle games with how they take a simple premise and come up with awesome and interesting obstacles with difficult and engaging solutions.

The thing that makes back to bed stand out is the way the level design is made up. You are in this dream world, which means that everything isn’t as it should be and the usual becomes unusual. The floor becomes the ceiling and walls as you walk through a mirror while looking at the unfriendly hole in the ground that you think wants to eat you. Nothing is as it should be and it’s your job to navigate through this weird and unique world. I really liked all this and it set up a good and fun way to play that wasn’t really like any other games.

So the game is as you might have figured out a bunch of levels with you having to figure out the correct route. This will mean some trial and error and some creative thinking at times to come up with the right solution so you can finish the level. I overall found all the puzzles well made,fun and interesting. I had my moments of struggle but the difficulty of the puzzles and the learning curve was very good and balanced to make it a smooth and enjoyable experience. Overall a good and fun puzzle game that is greatly recommended. Only downside is the length and it personally took me less than four hours to complete 100% but it was still time well spent and a fun experience.

Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Developer: Bedtime Digital Games
steam page: link
Review date: 12-05-2019

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