Bad North

I should probably say to start with that I’ve played the game a good amount so this is not groundless claims and I’ve completed the game on normal difficulty and will most likely end up finishing it on hard as well. With that out of the way, “Bad North” takes you on a campaign sailing from island to island fighting off invading enemies with as little as 1 squad or a full 4 squad team to save the day. These squads consists of a standard 8 units and a general and is to start with called recruits. They can after they’ve been given enough money upgrade into one of three classes/types “Archers” “Pikes”(Spearmen) and “Infantry”(swords and shields). The games main objective from here on out is to build up a strong team or multiple strong teams capable of dealing with whatever dangers you might face as you and your opponents get stronger and tougher.

The game is overall fun and interesting and you will quickly realize how each unit works to counter specific enemies and how the terrain of each island dramatically determines your gameplay style and overall strategy. This makes for a dynamic experience full of specific planning and decision making on how to deal with the threats right around the corner. My only real downside to the game is how it’s presented to play. The only way you can play is to do a campaign which is quite a big commitment and it will take you multiple hours to reach the end. You are of course able to just leave after each island encounter and continue where you left off last but the thing is that you always are going to have this risk of failing your campaign and having to start over from the beginning again. You are also gonna see as you play the game the possibility to take some risks to further increase the amount of squads you have and their overall stats. The problem with this risk is that you are very likely to fail and lose your men and even if you do take a very safe route is it still very likely, if not guaranteed that you’ll end up losing some of your squads as you play through your campaign. this could either be because of some bad luck or maybe some unfortunate decision making that you didn’t have much control over since you didn’t have enough knowledge about how to handle that specific situation. This all ends up giving a somewhat not fulfilling experience in my opinion as it is the only possible way to play the game. I would prefer if they had made challenges for you to take on specific made islands or maybe a smaller version instead of the long campaign.

With that said you can always if you find yourself in trouble on one of the islands take your squads and flee on a boat if you are fast enough or simply close the game and reopen to retry the islands you are struggling on until you succeed (you didn’t hear it from me). The mechanics are fun, it’s some awesome artstyle and i like how each campaign and each island encounter feels a little different from the last but it could really use that little extra icing on the top. So in the the end, It’s a well made game. But just because it’s well made doesn’t mean it’s something i would recommend to anyone. The game can be very stale and dry and takes quite a long time in my opinion to play so this is only something i would recommend to people fan of the genre rts or if you could fancy yourself trying out some small-scale RTS challenges when visiting each island.


Recommendation: Recommended if fan of the genre
Genre: Indie, Action, Simulation
Developer: Plausible Concept
steam page: link
Review date: 07-12-2018

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