Best Couch Multiplayer Games


1. Towerfall Ascension

Towerfall Ascension is one of my all-time favorite games And I’ve had so many good times playing it with my friends. The game offers great entertainment and is very fun and competitive. It also offers a campaign with a few levels that is very challenging and fun to play with your friends. The reason as of why it is so great is its simplicity and how it manages to stay interesting. 

2. Tricky Towers

Some people really loves and worships Tetris and others despise it to their core. But whether or not you’re a fan of Tetris or hate it can I be pretty certain that most people can have a good time playing tricky towers. It’s very accelerating to race against your friends to see who can get the grand trophy and a blast to see each other fail and succeed in this tricky game. 

3. Jackbox (All Versions)

So Jackbox has a bunch of versions and is currently as of writing this up on 5 games. The reason why I haven’t put each individual game up but combined them is because of how they essentially all do the same and it’s not all game modes from each game that is equal in value. So that say it in a short manner, “There is so much fun to have and so many great game modes that it would be a waste not to try out jackbox with your friends”

4. Drawful 2

Drawful is another game from the developers that made jackbox. It’s played the same way with your phone as all the other games and my friends and I also really liked drawful as a separate game outside the other jackbox games. It can be really fun to misunderstand and laugh at each others poor drawing skills and it’s sure to bring out the best and worst in people in the funniest ways.  

5. Overcooked

An absolute banger. If you’ve ever wondered how hectic it is in a kitchen then be sure to try out overcooked to get a fell for it yourself. You’ll scramble around the kitchen with your fellow chefs trying not to blow up the whole place as you all frantically scream at each other trying to find out where all the ingredients are and how far you are with each dish. A lot of fun. 

6. Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is a more physics based game where you have to beat each other to a pulp as everyone runs around looking like they’ve had a few to many drinks. There isn’t so much to explain other than you have to knock each other out and throw people out of the map until only one stands alive, but the simplicity of the game and how it all plays out makes for a super duper fun time. 

7. Duck Game

Duck Game is a game about ducks going duck hunting? well sorta, each player gets to become their very own duck and try to get rid of all your friends to reign the ultimate champion. This all happens with a variety of weird and goofy guns as you try to get rid of your fellow combatants. It just works really well and is a great way to bond with your friends. 

8. Nidhogg

If you’ve ever wanted to get your heart beating and try out the ultimate test of endurance, speed and reading your opponent then you’ve come to a place that sorta works out. Nidhogg is really fun and such a good 1v1 game. It really makes your blood pumping as you battle in a fight man versus man. I can highly recommend anyone to play this with a good friend or multiple friends as it also can be fun to watch.

9. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

It actually makes me so happy just thinking about the person who made this game getting the idea for it. It’s just so creative and a good use of taking one person and having the people around him try to solve the problem at hand with their help. It’s really fun and a cool concept that’s definitely worth it to experience yourself. 

10. Stick Fight: The Game

Very fast paced and fun mindless couch game. You just have to beat your friends and be the last person standing and then continue to do so as much as you can. It’s a little easier said than done though because of how much is going on and how easy it is to either make a small mistake that either lets you get killed by someone else or you simply falling over your own legs. 

11. Speedrunners

Again a very competitive game where you get your puls pumping as you race against your friends in what’s maybe one of the best “race” games out there. It’s just so much fun to navigate through the map with everyone right beside as you try to make your opponents trip over and use the items and map to your advantage at the best of your ability. 

12. Ultimate Chicken Horse

A unique concept and fun game to play. To create your own track and then see who is able to beat it can be very challenging and interesting. The game can have some complications depending on who you play with but still a fun game nonetheless. You will most likely while playing this game experience some good laughs and thrills when someone gets hit by your trap.

13. Crawl

Really awesome take on a roguelike dungeon crawler with your friends as the enemies. The fact that only one can be the hero and your friends have to be ghosts is quite cool. It can be quite a tough game but the way way the ghosts change spots with the hero is by getting the last hit which can cause some frustration. A ton of fun but there is a bunch of upgrade elements on gear, monsters, and abilities which can take a little time but they are fun in their own so it’s alright. 

14. Move or Die

Move or die has a bunch of awesome game modes and is a blast to play with your friends. The game is really fun and runs great so you can experience some awesome moments of skills and luck as you battle your friends. The game can on the other hand get a little boring to some people and repetitive despite its many game modes but it’s that a great game. 

15. Lethal League

Have you ever tried doing a one on one with your friend as the whole screen shakes and rumbles with ball between you able to blow a mountain to pieces being between you and victory able to blow a mountain to pieces. 

16. Mount Your Friends

You’ve probably tried climping your friends at one point in your life but have you ever gone to the extremes. Well this game does a great job of showing what it would look like if you got some weird limbs and went hardcore with it. It’s just a really fun and interesting game that are gonna make you laugh as you frantically try to climb to the top before time runs out. A fun game to play with your friends and enjoy some spinning wieners together. 

17. Screencheat

It has probably happened a few times either intentionally or unintentionally that you’ve taken a quick glimpse of your friends screen to get a better idea of where they so that you can kill them. This game really makes a in doing this as it’s the way the game works. You can really improve your skills in looking at the others screen by playing this game. 

18. Flat Heroes

Flat heroes is a great game if you are interested in some progressive gameplay instead of random matches against your friends. You can also get do matches with friends but i really enjoyed flat heroes for it’s campaign as I played it with a friend of mine. It’s a very simple game where you control your character and try to evade and defeat whatever challenge is for that specific level. It also has some fun bosses and is just a great time.  

19. treadnauts

Small tanks fighting it out in a small little arena is quite a blast. You all play as tanks while jumping and driving around trying to blow each other up either by blasting each other or by stomping them. There is a bunch of maps and some fun and cool power ups that makes the gameplay really dynamic and fun. Great and fun game.

20. Genital Jousting

I hope you don’t get repulsed or offended easily by the male reproductive organ as this game is filled with penises. It’s a quite fun experience to screw around in the gamemodes and just go with the flow as you flop around helplessly trying to win. There isn’t a ton of gameplay and it can feel a little repetitive but it’s a good way to spice things up if you’re playing games with your friends. 

21. Fight’n Rage

Old school arcade side scroller where you battle waves of mobs trying to get as big a highscore all the while trying to take as little damage as possible or just staying alive. It’s quite fun and cool to play even though it falls short a few places. you have to play the game a bunch to unlock things and it can get a little stale but still a cool ame. 

22. NeuroVoider

NeuroVoider is actually a really cool game and a nice concept but it falls short a few places. It’s a cool game but the way you progress is very repetitive and doesn’t feel very rewarding. There isn’t a difficulty curve and the way you upgrade and gain you gear is fairly oring and takes up a lot of time. It’s cool but not extremely entertaining. 

23. Hyperdrive Massacre

There is a ton of couch games out there and most of them follow the same recipe by having a square play area where you then fight against each other. That’s well and all and the game has a good amount of game modes but they’re not all that entertaining. The game is best played with an even number of people as the best game modes in my friends opinion and I was the team ones. 

24. Frog Climbers

Very weird and small game. All you have to do is climb to the top before your friends do. This is achieved by moving your hands one by one as you get higher and higher. It’s not really that fun but it was amusing to play for a little bit so go for it if you think it seems interesting but you won’t get a lot of value out of this game. 

25. Distance

This is in terms of its potential as a couch game. Distance is a really cool and awesome game but it doesn’t fit well under this category. You first of all play it split screen which is usually a bit of a bummer as you give up a bunch of the screen. It’s not because it’s terrible but I would probably rather play the normal game for myself or something else with my friends. 

26. Battle Chef Brigade

Interesting concept but a little too weird for my taste and doesn’t really offer the possibility for more than two players playing against each other. It’s also basically just a weird Match-3 game where you get your own pieces that you wanna combine and then tries to make the biggest combination possible. The core game might be more fun than playing with others but it’s not really that fun pvp. 

27. Acceleration of SUGURI 2

A 1v1 fighting game where you fight as little girls shooting projectiles at each other. The game was fun trying out but there was very little balance in how strong each of the characters where when comparing them to each other. After trying out all the characters could we see that it was more a one time experience compared to something we would play again.

28. PAC-MAN 256

Who doesn’t love pacman? And wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could play with your friends instead of having to play by yourself? Not really as this was a fun game but felt more like a mobile game than anything else. You have to grind/play to upgrade your abilities it’s just not really that interesting or stimulating to play. 

29. Gurgamoth

A game of knocking each other into the wall filled with spikes and other troublesome things. You fly around knocking yourself into your opponents and the objects around you to eliminate the other players and stand victorious as the last man standing. It is very pretty but the gameplay just doesn’t give you a very thrilling time. It’s ok but not really something i would recommend compared to the other options on this list. 

30. Splash Blast Panic

Some weird jump on each others heads super smash bros game. I’m a little hesitant to use in super smash in the explanation as some people might think this is a good game. It isn’t and it’s not very fun. All you do is jump on each others heads and the game doesn’t really make your moves feel impactful or interesting. Try it at your own merit but it isn’t that fun. 

31. R-coil

Essentially just a worse version of geometry wars or asteroids with multiplayer. It’s not really that fun or interesting to play. It just seems like something where you came up with the concept, build it, made some enemies and then left it at that. It feels very empty when you play it and could use a makeover by adding some more stuff overall to make it more fun and exciting. 

The games below this line is not meant to be played by any living soul

I won’t go into much detail about these games as my friends and I can’t imagine ever playing any of these games again. The only reason these are on this list is to make sure people don’t accidentally think “Hey this seems cool” and get a bad experience. 

Bad version of STARWHAL

33. SuperLuminauts
Bad version of Achtung. 

34. Lion Quest
Awful platformer with a 1 hour long tutorial to jump.

35. Team Racing League
Boring and slow racing game. 

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