Best Typing Games On Steam


I honestly can’t recommend playing anything below tier “S” or “A”. The only reason I have them on the list is to say they aren’t very good. 

I’ll write (Scrabble) on the games that’s more of a scrabble game rather than a typing game. 

S tier:

The best of the best typing games on steam.

Epistory: Typing Chronicles

Epistory is a very cool and well made typing game that really shows how it can and should be done. The game focuses on story and exploration as you type your way through the world as it unfolds in front of you like a book. It’s a lot of fun and it’s nice to see that all the minor things are in order so you can focus on the more grand scheme that is the game. A great game for typing enthusiasts or people wanting to practice their skills.


The Typing of The Dead: Overkill

The typing of the dead is such a fun game to play. It has a ton of humorous elements and really makes a great effort to entertain you as you type your way through hordes of zombies. It’s got a fun story and the gameplay is perfect in terms of what it tries to achieve. A must if you wanna try out a typing game for sure. 


A tier:

Games that are fun or well made that has at least a little to do with typing. 

Western Press

Western press isn’t really a hardcore typing game. I still like it and found it a good time to play and get all the achievements in but it’s not something that you should spend a big buck on. I would suggest to buy it if you also consider playing it for friends or wants to add another game to the 100% collection. You only really type 10 letters in a burst as the only real gameplay so just ask yourself if that is something you would like to do or not. 


Slash it & Slash it 2

slash it and slash it 2 is the closest you’ll come to a regular typing game where you are asked to type a certain letter or word. It’s got a few different game modes some of which is abbreviations of each other and others more unique but they are all fairly simple. It’s also an alright game if you wanna practice your numpad as there is game mode only including numbers which doesn’t really make sense to do on the num row compared to doing them on the numpad.


The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia

I really enjoyed playing this game but there is a few major drawbacks. First off is the fact that you have to write with one hand while moving with the other. The other part is that this feels more like a bullet hell game rather than a typing game as there only is 10 texts you have to write in the game essentially. It’s still really well made, contains a interesting and alright story all wrapped together with some cool art design. Overall a good game but not really a great typing game when it comes down to it. 


B tier:

Games that are well made but doesn’t belong any higher

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey (Scrabble)

This game isn’t really a typing game as much as it is scrabble. You can use your keyboard to write the words you find but it’s more than anything just a scrabble game that includes a little bit of typing. I personally also used a scrabble solver to play the game as I had zero interest in actually playing an actual scrabble game and were doing it more for the sake of just completing it. 


Typefighters (Steam Edition)

This is actually a legitimate typing game but it’s not really that amazing when it comes down to it in my opinion. It has a bunch of customizability but that actually makes it worse. It takes to much time and is to big of a struggle to change all the settings everytime you wanna play something else. And the game is mostly meant to be played with others but there is no player base and I would personally rather play an actual multiplayer game with my friends or typeracer if it had to be typing. 


C tier: 

games that aren’t really that good. 

Words for Evil (Scrabble)

Another scrabble like game. It’s cool in terms of it being a small and pretty game but it isn’t very entertaining unless you’re a big fan of the scrabble genre. It’s got some progressing elements and some adventure elements like upgrading your character and such but it’s such slow progression speed and there isn’t much to do in the game. It’s pretty but it just falls short in term of fun and gameplay. 


God Of Word (Scrabble)

This game is also another scrabble game. It has a one or two typing mechanics and game modes but it’s primarily just another scrabble game. It’s got some good things going for it like a campaign with shop functions and all those things but it’s not really that great or amazing. If you wanna play another scrabble game then go for it but if you wanna play a typing game then steer far away from this. 



Writers has a good idea but it’s just not very fun to play. First of is the sounds. It has a horrible sound effect and it doesn’t take long to get mad by listening to the same mozart piece played over and over every 10 seconds. The game-modes aren’t very fun or made in a way that makes you wanna play them again. It has two language options, English and Russian, but I do not get why there is an achievement stating that you have to play one round in russian to unlock it. I find it quite dumb and stupid but it shows a little about how bad this game is I suppose.



So i could put this game a little higher because of the visual elements and how that makes the game a little more fun than it is but it’s not very good. The only thing you can do in the game is write one of three words to damage a monster and then level up and climb stages. There is nothing to do other than press play and climb. The game could probably be really fun with a bunch of other things put on top but it’s just not very good as is. 


D tier:

it’s just plain bad 

Type Defense

It could probably go for a good 2d tower defense if it had chosen to go that route but it utterly fails to be a typing game. The premise is cool but there is so much more needed to complete the game. You can’t really do anything other than type one word at a time and the enemies are not balanced at all compared to how you play the game. I like the idea but that’s the only good thing about the game. It’s not worth the time, effort or money. 


Typer Shark! Deluxe

If you are interested in playing this game then just forget about that interest and go ahead and do something else. It’s to some extend better than all the scrabble games because of how it’s actually a typing game and it’s not terrible but it’s not good. The way the words come towards you aren’t really optimal and it’s got some really old and awful graphics, terrible sound design and is just not very optimal. It can be played but probably shouldn’t be. 


Typing with Jester

It’s a typing game but with almost nothing to do in it. I cannot recommend it the tiniest bit because of how there essentially is no gameplay at all. It’s pretty cool and has a somewhat cool design but there is basically nothing to do in the game. you just have to type words in a line and there is no progression or increase in difficulty as you progress. It’s just the same all the time and really boring. not very fun or interesting to play. 

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