Beyond Eyes

The game is about this really slow moving blind girl that is looking for her missing cat. On her adventure will you stumble upon different challenges that you will have to overcome so you can see your beloved cat again. Said like that could the game sound interesting, but the 3d models are not great so you stumble into everything alot. You are really slow which for me was a nuisance. The music and the graphics are not that special. and i personally found the story a bit boring. It is an interesting concept hands down but i think it was badly executed. The positive is that the game doesnt take that long which doesnt explain the high cost. but on the other hand can you know how it is to be blind oh wait… at least its an easy 100% game. i would only say get the game if it was a low cost or for the 100%.

Recommendation: Not recommended
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Tiger and Squid, Team17 Digital Ltd
steam page: link
Review date: 9-12-2016

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