Work ethic

Everyone has assets and general defining skills and habits that define how one work. For me that includes my focus on how i tackle my obstacles. For this i always have a few primary things i keep in mind when tackling the problem at hand. I always look for the most Time efficient and productive solution to deal with the problem. This requires being capable to work with a mind-set under pressure and keeping self-confidence in one's ability to see it through. This is gained by tackling the problem with a broad perspective and being able to come up with creative solutions. All this concludes in an effective and resourceful way to tackle a project. It's of course undeniable that no two task is the same, so it's of course needed to be capable of adapting to suit the specific problems needs and these skills should help accomplish this goal.


To be able to get the full advantage of ones resources isn't all about how you yourself work but more about how you work with others. To be able to take the skillsets of multiple people and cooperatively use them in a team is undoubtedly one of the best ways to go about a problem. There is of course a lot to make a group effort work and it's as much up to the individuals own skills as their ability to communicate with the team. I go about this by having a positive attitude and a broad view of it all. To act as a team player and simply to the best of my ability see the posibilites each individual have aswell asmyself and make a joined effort to get the most out of it.


I'm a big fan of feedback. It might sound like a fun thing to say but I can't see a reason why you wouldn't appreciate someones helpful word of advice. It can usually be quite hard to see the effect of ones work until you test it out or show it to the world. and if you don't have someone else to look at it or someone with previous experience can it really be a help to hear what the general impression is after the fact. It's one of the ways to see where your strengths are at, and to see where you are lacking. With that said i use feedback as one of my primary tools for learning of what is required, to be expected and what to strive for. And above all I'm very glad to give feedback to others, in a constructive way of course.


Technology is a very wide term so I won't go in big debt on everything but rather give a more overall description. I have as many others of my generation grown up with computers and always had a big interest and good understanding of how it works. My biggest skillset probably lie around being able to know what you want and the best and fastest way to get to that goal. Of course this is a very narrow minded thing to say as there are tons of ways to solve a problem when it comes to computers and such. But I have a record for being able to pinpoint the better solutions of what's feasible and being able to see all possibilities available.


Have a nice day