Bird Assassin

A game taking the piss on some hillbilly fella that lost his old man to some not so nice birds. This is the story of his sweet, sweet revenge. It’s just a fun little game where you go around shooting some birds. It’s overall fine with some ok controls even though they most likely are gonna fuck you over once or twice. I somehow also gained all weapons or something just by looking at them or something like that in the shop so the game has its flaws but screw that. This game is EPIC! Or kind of, it was fun and amusing to play and I can’t say i were having a bad time playing and found the overall spend time to be worth it. The sounds and music is made so it has some nice impact when you shoot stuff and it’s just a fun 2 dollar game. It’s awful in many ways and not that good in not that many others, but it’s fun and worth checking out if you find it to be very cheap. I can’t recommend spending a big buck on this game even though it’s already only 2 dollars. I think I got a 90% discount on steam and just went for it and didn’t really end up regretting losing my 20 cents so buy when cheap and enjoy an epic story of a man seeking revenge against the evil birds or something like that.


Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Social Loner Studios
steam page: link
Review date: 23-12-2018

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