Boss Monsters: Rise Of The Minibosses

If you’ve ever wanted to be the dungeon designer and have a bunch of heroes fall victims to your deadly monsters and traps then you might wanna consider boss monster. The game revolves around you being the architect of a small dungeon using cards. It’s literally a “Dungeon-Building Card Game” where you get cards on your hand that you then place in a horizontal line to build your dungeon and hopefully get rid of all the heroes before your opponents can.

Everyone gets a boss card to start off as well as five room cards, two spell cards and 3 coins. You then each place down a room card to add to your dungeon and you’re off. You then reveal some heroes accordingly to the amount of players in the game and then see their type and what dungeons they belong to. I could go more in depth but it’s essentially just, build the strongest dungeon and try to outplay and potentially screw over your friends when you can.

It’s a fun and interesting concept and I do like it but it’s not really top tier. The gameplay can get a little slow and stale and it’s not exactly the game my friends and I pull out as the first thing to play when playing board games. When asking my friends is the conclusion pretty clear. Is it recommended? No. It might be worth trying out and have some fun with if you have the option to do so but I might wanna look at some other options before buying this one. I can’t say I hate it and I wanna lean towards a neutral opinion but when it comes down to the wire is it just not that great overall. It’s got some fun references though but that’s probably not really that strong of a plus.

Recommendation: not really Recommended, maybe
BoardGameGeek: link
Review date: 02-06-2019

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