Breaking Bad

I will start off by saying that it took me a long time to finish this series. I just got less interested towards the second to last season so it took a while before I decided to watch the remaining one and a half season. I’m glad I pulled myself together and decided to watch what was left. Especially with the new movie picking up where the series left off.

Breaking Bad is a cinematogeic marvel. It has countless really cool and awesome scenes and puts a lot of effort into all of the show. The story is also really crazy and with lots of interesting and unexpected twists and turns to keep you entertained. And lastly the characters have some really interesting dynamics that keeps the flow fluent and solid. As you can hear it’s pretty good, but what is it specifically?

I personally think it’s the way the story evolves and the way the show swaps between the crime and the everyday things as it slowly combines them. To take a chemistry teacher and slowly transform him into this criminal drug maker is just a great story. But just because it’s a great story doesn’t mean it’s gonna be a great show but they really have done a good job of making it one hell of a series.

It’s a great watch and highly recommended

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Duration: 2h 2m
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
IMDb: link
Review date: 28-12-2019

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