Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the show you pull out when you’re in need of something that’s easy for the mind and good for the body. You will train your laughing muscles and reach inner happiness and contentment as Terry Crews cries over his yogurt. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is about the immature yet talented N.Y.P.D. detective Jake Peralta and his fellow colleagues that is assigned a new commanding officer for the Brooklyn’s 99th precinct. He’s a bit stern but for the better as everyone continues to offer each their own to the team as they keep the streets of Brooklyn clean.

It’s a really funny and comical show that’s just overall really solid. It’s got some great actors that fits their roles really well and has a good setup. It’s not extraordinary and not in anyways unextraordinary, It is quite simply just what you can expect from a whimsical police department doing their job. That’s not to say the whole place is full of clowns as they have some very hardworking and serious people there but there is a few black sheeps that might not work that well overall.

It’s a very good sitcom and I just really enjoy it for its ability to make me sit back and relax. It’s a really smart and fast paced show even though I never feel like I don’t get what’s going on or that something’s going to fast. You can watch it over and over without it getting old and enjoy the characters as they evolve and change as the show progress.

It’s a really nice show and I can definitely recommend it to anyhow who might be interested.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Seasons: 8
IMDb: link
Review date: 09-02-2020

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