Cobra Kai

I used my free month of youtube premium just to see if this was a good show. I didn’t end up watching anything else and went through it pretty fast.

So Cobra Kai is the dojo that the karate kid Daniel LaRusso is up against in the old movie. This show then follows up on what’s happened 34 years after the original events of the karate kid movie. But instead of us watching our protagonist is it centered around the bully or antagonist from the original, Johnny Lawrence.

I liked the show and found it enjoyable but I wasn’t necessarily impressed. it’s not like it had amazing acting or something else special, it was just a show. But that’s not always a bad thing. I liked it because of this as it wasn’t something extravagant or incredible but more chill and down to earth as you watch the lives of these old school characters all grown up. It’s nice and feels a bit like an older series with a nice story. a good show

Recommendation: Recommended
Seasons: 3
IMDb: link
Review date: 09-02-2020

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