Great simple game that shows how well you know each other and how good you are at seeing things from others perspective.

The game requires 4-8 players if you wanna play it competitively, but it can also be played from 2-3 players cooperatively. You set up the game by placing 25 clues on the table and find a map for the spymasters. You then choose two spymasters and who needs to guess. You then take turns between the two teams each round until one team has found all their agents, or said in another way guessed their pieces.

The way each round plays out is the spymasters has a map with all their agents locations on it and the spymaster then has to make clues corresponding to the pieces on the table with corresponding agents locations. Essentially make the other player guess the right clue.

It’s really fun and interesting to see what weird and funny clues people can come up with. It’s also because you can get more than one agent each turn so you have to make clues that correspond to more than one word so you can win as quickly as possible. the risk here is that you can accidentally guess om a

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
BoardGameGeek: link
Review date: 02-01-2019

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