Gameplay and rules:
you first set up the game by giving all players two cards and that is each players “lifes” and decides which actions they are “legally” allowed to use. Each card gives players the possibility to do certain actions each round and counter other players actions. The special thing about the game is that no one knows the other players cards so you can do any action that is possible from every card in the game. the only thing to keep in mind is that if someone doesn’t believe you are able to do such actions because of you not having the right cards to do so, can stop you from doing that action and challenge it. If you actually are allowed to do that action by having the right card then you must show that card and the other player loses one of their cards. If you on the other hand doesn’t have the right card will you be forced to choose one of your two cards and flip it over and hereby lose a life. An example of this is if you wanna take 3 coins which is allowed by the duke card and someone doesn’t believe you then as you try to take 3 coins the other player challenges you and you are now forced to either show your duke or if you don’t have the card flip over one of your cards. if you have gained 7 coins can you coup another player and make them lose another life. This can’t be blocked but you can also attack someone for 3 coins if you have the assassin card, but that can be blocked if the other player have the card contessa. the game then continues each round with a player either getting coins from the center pile, stealing coins from other players, exchanging cards from the center pile or attacking them. This continues until only one person is alive and is hereby the winner of that game.

Definitely an awesome game and a really fun time when playing with your friends. I’ve played this dozens of times both with the same group of friends and new ones and each session is the same story. Everyone suspecting the shit out of each other and tons of weird strategies being used backfiring and working in the funniest and weirdest ways. A great small game.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
BoardGameGeek: link
Review date: 02-01-2019

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