Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

I’m very glad i decided to watch this as soon as I spotted it. I would probably have watched it either way with all the hype and commotion about it but that’s not the point. the point is that it from the very first episode was able to create a story and a world that you wouldn’t be able to let go of again. It resonated a lot with me and I really looked forward to each new episode going forward. there was a point in the middle where i felt it was going a little downhill but I was pleasantly surprised to see how short it lasted and the explosion of awesomeness that was to come after that.

It’s a really good show with a protagonist that is absolutely loveable and charismatic. I really like the ideals and awesome action this guy is able to pull off as he continues this mission he has set himself out to complete. The visuals also has to be mentioned as it is nothing short of amazing and worth every second watching it. Can’t recommend it enough.

So the story picks up with Tanjirou taking a small trip down the mountain to sell some charcoal and earn some money for his family. It gets late on his way back so a friendly soul offers him shelter for the night to avoid any dangers in the night. The morning dew arrives and our story begins. Things quickly take a turn and tanjiro starts his journey to become a demon slayer.

I don’t wanna go to in depth with the story as there isn’t much need to say anything other than it’s really good and you’re better off watching it rather than reading about it. It’s got great visuals, nice soundtrack and a intriguing story held together by some well made characters. It’s a lot of nice words without much meat to go from but the show truly does live up to them. I did find the middle somewhat lacking at some points but it was a great watch and it’s definitely recommended.

Recommendation: Very Highly Recommended
Episodes: 26
Studios: ufotable
Myanimelist: link
Review date: 12-02-2019

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