Detroit Metal City

Some people might find this show to be very vulgar and offensive as it uses terms as killing one’s parents, raping and some other quite brutal terms which in any normal circumstances shouldn’t be joked with but that’s the charm of this show. It’s so relieving to see a show that’s able to take the piss on everyone and everything in it. And it’s not humanly possible to be offended by any of the things they say in the show, if you actually watch it, as it’s absolutely crystal clear how it’s all just a big joke.

DMC or Detroit Metal City revolves around the lead singer of the band Johannes Krauser II and his undeniable talent for performing as the ultimate death metal rockstar. You’ll quickly see or realise how far this is from his true persona as it is the polar opposite of his character on stage. He is very shy, gets easily flustered and would rather listen to swedish pop all day rather than anything else. But for him to make a living is it required of him to keep up this persona and continue to participate in the many concerts of the infamous band.

This show is an absolute treasure and is so much fun to watch. It all depends on taste as anything does but it is able to continue, episode after episode, to just keep on making great stories and scenarios for the characters to face and to evolve them as we learn of their lives and their true selves. I really enjoyed my time with this show and got it recommended by a friend who actually is a bit of a fan of rock and metal, or at least quite a bit more than I am. I’ve never had anything against hardcore metal and always liked rock but I can safely say that I didn’t imagine to like this death metal anime as much as I did. Great show and I’m really glad I watched it so I can add its many jokes to my repertoire, hopefully without stepping over someone’s toes.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Episodes: 12
Studios: Studio 4°C
Myanimelist: link
Review date: 07-01-2019

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