Devil Daggers

So Devil Daggers, hmm… its good? Well I feel like this is a game that is so overly hyped and well-spoken of that if I say anything bad about it it’s going to seem like I’m just doing it to be “unique” or special. That isn’t really the case though and I’m not gonna say anything bad really about the game, but I will tell how it’s not as amazing as what might be expected. Devil daggers as stated in the steam description “a fast-paced shooter that places you in an abyssal arena to face endless legions of demons”. That is it, there’s no more and no less to it. That doesn’t mean much though so let me say it like this. Devil daggers offer a unique, fun and quite simply a very cool gameplay experience. The music is really dynamic and the sound effects as well as the art and monsters you encounter really just can’t be called much else than fucking great. But once you get past that surface is it not really that deep or great. Like it’s definitely a fun game to try and make progress in and try to beat your friends scores on steam to see who can stay alive the longest but It’s not that compelling to keep playing or rewarding to keep going at. Don’t get me wrong it feels great to beat your own high score but you just feel like it’s the same over and over because of how you have to avoid the monsters and progress further and further. I have absolutely nothing against games that are repetitive and some of my favorite games focus around this concept but devil daggers isn’t that amazing when all comes to all. You only have one weapon, there isn’t that many monsters and you only fight in one arena. This can definitely be enough for a game, but devil daggers is just this small run around kill monsters game as long as you can and the try again until you don’t find it fun anymore. For that reason I’m not gonna recommend that highly and I can’t see myself going back to the game like “Wow” I’m so excited to play but more interested in enjoying the music and esthetic looks of the game. Can be recommended to try out but not something that makes you invested in playing for long.


Recommendation: Slightly Recommended
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Sorath
steam page: link
Review date: 14-12-2018

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