Don’t Starve

Don’t starve lives up to its name, or at least it did to me first time I played it as I franticly scoured around the map looking for food repeating to myself those two words in a poor attempt to keep the hunger at bay. Do not starve is a really mesmerizing game because of its aptitude to take the players senses and please them with its great 2d graphics and very ambient sound effects that makes the whole ordeal much more interesting and fun. You might have guessed/knew that this is a survival game with the obvious objective of not starving with a minor side objective of looking for secrets about the world you’ve been thrown in to. Of course, this is just the core of the game but you can essentially just do whatever you want because of the only real goal being to staying alive.
The reasons why it’s such a great one of its kind when it comes to survival games is how well put together and diverse the game is. There is a bunch of different content to do and regular DLC’s added to the game. This means you have a game with already a lot of different elements when it comes to creating stuff and tools to help you survive with lots of extra options to add to the experience and make it a more interesting and vast one. Don’t starve is really a lot of fun because of how challenging it is, how much control you have over the experience and how much you get and lastly because of it’s replay ability. I will say as a last note that I probably found it a little more fun with friends in contrast to the solo experience but it can definitely still be very enjoyable alone and relaxing as you learn the game.

Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Klei Entertainment
steam page: link
Review date: 26-01-2019

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