I didn’t think much about it when getting into this anime. It looked cool and it seemed like it would be a nice weekly watch. I was right and 24 episodes after can I call it worth it and call it a good experience, mostly. I thoroughly enjoyed it and looked forward to the new episodes the first couple of weeks but it came progressively more and more of a drag to watch. It became somewhat repetitive and I didnt look forward to it after some time. It was despite that still cool to see it through and I’m glad I watched it to the end.

So the anime is a remake of the original “Dorororo to hyakkimaru” from 1969. I have no idea on how it compares to the source material so I’m not going to look at that aspect. But that’s not needed because it’s awesome on its own. It’s a great premise with this infant child that’s been offered to the demons raised by a artisan who specializes in prosthetic limbs. And This gives him the opportunity to take back what’s been stolen from him by these demons.

The reason I feel the anime falls short towards the end is the repetitiveness of the story. kill demons, small character progression and repeat. I would recommend watching in bigger bites rather than a single episode per week to stay engaged. This is to keep the story more coherent and interesting. despite all that, this anime is awesome and cool but it won’t sweep your feet of the ground. It’s recommended for its story, fighting and characters but be prepared for it to fall short towards the end

Recommendation: Recommended
Episodes: 24
Studios: Tezuka Productions, MAPPA
Myanimelist: link
Review date: 16-09-2019

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