I enjoyed watching this show and I’m looking forward to watching the second season but it does have some flaws when compared to similar shows when delving a little deeper.

One of the shows this can be compared to is Hellsing Ultimate. This is mostly in terms of artstyle and general type of things happening with lots of battles and cool stuff. It is very different in terms of story and overall setup as one might assume but I liked the premise of the show overall. It all happens in a weird dimension with some gods fighting against each other by using famous historic characters to wage battles for them. We then revolve around the main character and how he meets his allies and fights his many foes. It’s got some cool characters and is quite creative in terms of use of strategy and how each of the characters are used and put to use in the show. So far everything sounds pretty good but it’s not flawless. Some of the drawings and overall decision making might turn some people off even though it didn’t bother me very much and I liked it for the most part. The story so far is quite shallow and we haven’t really dept into much yet so I’m hoping it’s gonna do a good job with that in the future. The thing here is that you feel like the overall possibilities might have a potential to expand and become more but there isn’t really a straight path yet. That’s why you can get the feeling of wanting some purpose for the characters that’s more impactful and more reasonable other than just, there is a problem, let’s fix it. It’s a cool show and I found it enjoyable to watch on a weekly basis but you might wanna look out for other stuff until the second season is done and see what it brings to the table. But it’s still a show I liked and I don’t think you’ll regret watching it.

Recommendation: Recommended
Episodes: 12
Studios: Hoods Drifters Studio
Myanimelist: link
Review date: 04-01-2019

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