When I first saw this game, well when I first saw a picture of this game was my initial thoughts in the area of, what is this and why is there a creepy clown smiling at me. I had no expectations about this game except that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to play it or if this was gonna be something I would enjoy. So with that in mind took it a while for me before I decided to give it a shot and see what it was. But what I didn’t know was that those thoughts belongs nowhere near Dropsy the clown. This is one of those games that you are gonna question a lot of the choices you make as well as why you are making them. Why am I, a creepy clown guy going around and hugging people for no particular reason. Iā€™m just strolling around town hugging everything in a miles radius and most likely scaring people or making them uncomfortable so why am I doing this. The answer is very simple because that is not what’s happening. Happiness has many ways of being created and shown and I personally believe and absolutely love the power of hugging and think it’s one the best things to life. So seeing a game with a happy guy going around and making other people happy, funny enough made me happy šŸ˜€ and made me smile.

The story is truly unique especially since I haven’t heard a lot of clown stories in my lifetime. And this shows that a great story can come from everywhere, any environment, any man or woman and any kind of hearth. This weird clown shows how something as simple as a hug can make someone happy and that life is easier with a smile.
Other than the deeper meaning of life are there the great artstyle and animations of this game. It has a great sense of humor and since the game is without any actual dialog are they able to create great visual telling and giving a clear picture of what’s going on and how the people around you feel. They also use some very fitting and very descent music to make the experience more engaging and captivating and sculpt the story so they create a perfect harmonization to the environment.

This game is nothing short of a great experience and I really enjoyed my time playing this game. It really showed me something great and told a beautiful story and a really well-crafted one of its kind. One of the better games out there and is highly recommended.


Recommendation: recommended
Genre: Indie, Adventure
Developer: Devolver Digital
steam page: link
Review date: 20-02-2017

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