Duck Game

Duck Game is the game you pull out if you wanna quack each other up in some ducktastic beaks of fun. The jokes aside, Duck Game is a really fun 2D-game to play with your friends as you try to be the last duck standing. You pick up a gun on the ground and then try to kill whoevers closest to you. It’s simple to pick up with the great premise of easy to learn, tough to master. There is a bunch of fun and weird mechanics to take advantage of when trying to hunt down your friends. Each game happens on a small map consisting of platforms, weapons, items and other random stuff that you can interact with as you try to outmaneuver your friends and pull the trigger before they do.

I personally haven’t tried out the single player modes and not sure if I ever will as my reason for playing is the multiplayer. I get together with some friends and then we spend some time enjoying some mindless fun. It’s also got some fun extra things with the cosmetics, ragdolls and quack button. But with all that mentioned how is it really to play Duck Game. It’s fun but I didn’t feel that engaged or pulled in after playing a few games. The maps are alright but they don’t really feel unique or special. The weapons are fun and cool but don’t feel that impactful. And it feels more and more repetitive the longer you play.

I like the game and I can recommended it but it’s more likely than not, for what I’ve seen, not gonna be a game you invest hundreds of hours into. It’s cool and fun but you just don’t feel intrigued or pulled in to play more after trying it out and seeing what it is for yourself. Play it at your own leisure but I didn’t feel attached to the game and found it more as a quick one time use game.


Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Landon Podbielski
steam page: link
Review date: 04-08-2019

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