Really great take on the classic sherlock holmes story with a great cast and awesome mysteries. I really like this series for its many unique ideas and creative uses of objects or facts you might never expect to have an impact and turn them into something special and interesting. It’s set in modern day New York and has a great cast that in my opinion fits the characters really well. You have sherlock holmes, a genius that as you might have guessed doesn’t see things the way others do and that has had some troubles with narcotics in the past. He then meets watson, a sober companion hired by his father and I probably don’t need to mention that she might stay around for a while. He does his things and you have a great show.

It’s one of my favorites series and I watch it with my dad whenever a new season comes out. It’s a great fit to watch detective shows as we both enjoy them and appreciate them for their ingenuity and originality. And it’s just a banger on it’s own so it usually ends up with us going through all the episodes much faster than what might be for the best as it quickly ends up with the season being over before we even realise it. That’s luckily all right as nothing lasts forever and that includes you so make sure to cross this off your list while you still have the chance.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Seasons: 7
Production: CBS
IMDb: link
Review date: 08-02-2020

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