Epistory – Typing Chronicles

One of the best typing games out there as of writing this review. There might not be a ton of competition overall when it comes to typing games but it’s still a good one.

So the game is actually not just some screen throwing words at you from right and left and out of nowhere and what not. It’s actually a fully fledged game where you run around and explore as you fight off monsters by typing. This makes it a lot more fun and rewarding as you are more invested by having goals and an objective to work towards other than just typing and getting better at typing. The game consists of zones that you have to explore and go through to progress and it’s got some really nice aesthetics to differentiate and setup each of the zones. The game has some drawbacks though as some of the abilities are bugged like the one that tells you where to go next and such which is a big drawback but it is mostly something that’s going to matter for people going for completing the game 100%. If you on the other hand just are playing the game for fun or practicing your typing skills or seeing where you’re at then this is a great purchase and a nice game. This isn’t a game to learn typing though by any means but more of a alternative way to practice and get better. Typing is truly a great skill to have and it’s really nice being able to actually write at a decent speed or closer to the speed of your thoughts so go ahead and look up some typing learning sites and once you’ve gotten the 10 fingers technique down the go ahead and try this out. You can of course play this game without any problems using whatever strategy you have for typing but it can be a little tough sometimes so my personal suggestion is to learn ten finger typing anyways but that isn’t so much about the game i suppose ^^. It’s a great typing game for typing enthusiasts and a lot of fun.


Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Fishing Cactus
steam page: link
Review date: 16-01-2019

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