Fran Bow

One of the most obscurely designed games and with some of the coolest most bizarre characters and environments you can imagine. It’s just so cool how creative they’ve been and how many different spooky elements the game has to make it a truly unique experience and an interesting one at that.

The game is a standard point and click game with you exploring and going on a journey with Fran as her reality gets twisted and turned in an attempt to learn more about herself and to escape the madness she has become a part of. The overall story had some ups and downs in my opinion but i really liked the overall story when played through to the end. When saying this game is spooky or scary does it actually not refer to you getting spooked but more that you get this feeling of minor discomfort or i suppose some sympathy for fran and the experiences she goes through. The whole vibe of the game is not that scary because it gets held down by the innocence of fran. Other than the story did i also find the overall difficulty of the puzzles to be alright and fun but it’s with most of these point and click games and just any puzzle game that you might meet some puzzles that just doesn’t make any sense to you. It always takes a bit out of the fun as you frantically try to find a solution but I didn’t feel any hate or frustration towards the game because of how i felt the puzzles where made with thought and some logic behind them. Other than that is it just a nice journey to go through with fran. The game is really well made and gets a big thumbs up in all the categories like music, story, art, puzzles and generally just the whole game is really nice. Do keep in mind that it’s a point and click game and they can be quite time consuming when it comes to some of the puzzles so use guides as you see fit. I’ve never had any problems with people using guides and people not wanting to so use them, so use them as you see fit and don’t hold yourself back or do hold yourself back as you find to be the most fun for you.


Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Killmonday Games AB
steam page: link
Review date: 15-01-2019

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