Game Dev Tycoon

Have you ever wanted to replay the history of the gaming industry and create your own game development company in the 80s? You can probably guess but that’s what this game is about. Game dev tycoon manages to simplify and create a fun way to relive this story and make it your own. The game isn’t really about making games except what genres fit together the best “according to the game”, but it’s more about how the process before during and after the making of the game fits together. It might sound a little strange and another way to put could be that it is more about the bigger picture rather than the small details. You get to have a big laugh coming up with fun game titles, experience the struggle of trying to keep your finances together and become mad with power as you feel your many fans gather around you and your magnificent intellect. The last one might be a stretch but it’s fun to see how the numbers grow and fall as you go through the game and get to upgrade and expand your business and it’s many branches. The game is very well structured with the way you get to create each game and has a very intuitive system for managing everything. This is of course different for everyone and is a personal thing to a big extend but the game is very methodical and doesn’t place something randomly without reason or logic behind it. With that said if you are a fan of managing games somewhat, likes to see what it’s like to run your own game development company or just want to try out a really nice game then I’m sure you’ll appreciate your time spend on Game Dev Tycoon.

Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Greenheart Games
steam page: link
Review date: 25-01-2019

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