Gravity Falls

Great cartoon with some really cool story elements. It has so many weird and fun things happening all over the place that it’s tough not to be entertained.

If you like a cool and intricate story then gravity falls is something for you. It’s not something that is insanely complex or some over the top plot, but it has a ton of weird anomalies and cool secrets throughout the series that slowly explains more and more of what’s going on in Gravity Falls.

It also have some really nice and friendly characters that are very relatable and you easily get an idea of how they feel and can see their intentions behind their actions. This makes the show very easy to follow and gives all the episodes more meaning as they are strung together from each characters desires and personas.

The story is about Dipper and Mabel that has to spend their summer at their weird uncle stan’s mystery shack in gravity falls. It initially seems like an unfortunate way to spend the summer but things quickly turn around as the town reveals to have more secrets to it that one might think at first glance. Dipper and Mabel then goes off to explore the weird anomalies and fenomenas around the city and it becomes clear that it might be an alright way to spend ones summer vacation after all.

It’s overall just a good series, that gets a lot of points for its great story and awesome character design while stringing it all together very well.

Lastly, I probably didn’t put a big emphasis on all the many secrets spread throughout the series like hidden messages and symbolic elements that are really tough to spot. these can be found all over the place but isn’t something that you’ll see unless you actively look for them and potentially rewatch the episodes a few times. But most of the obvious ones can be read about on some wikis but I’m sure there still are some hidden secrets left to be uncovered. And whether or not you find some of them or don’t is it still really cool to know how much love and time has been put into the series.

Recommendation: Very Highly Recommended
Seasons: 2
Production: Disney Channel
IMDb: link
Review date: 05-02-2020

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