Grow Home

I haven’t played many climping games but Grow Home sure did a great job of making a fun and interesting one. You’re just a little red robot that has arrived at some place and now you need to climb back up to your spaceship using an enormous plant. You will need to unlock new abilities and gather data and samples of different items as you go along the way but you can if you want to just focus on climbing this enormous plant if that is what interests you the most. The plant isn’t like hansel and gretel as it doesn’t just instantly grows enormous because you are the one that needs to grow the plant. This is done by you climbing up the plant and activating the head of the sprouts that are on the plant to continue going higher and higher. That means that your plant is gonna look a little odd here and there and have many funky and weird arms reaching out to the many floating islands around the place with secrets and upgrades.

It’s a bunch of fun and the graphics, music and overall gameplay is just great. It’s a simple game but it’s still gonna take 4+ hours to reach the top depending on how focused you are on exploring the places around you. So be prepared for a long climbing session and some potential frustration if you are unlucky enough to fall down. There is of course checkpoints and mechanics to keep you from losing all your progress but they only do so much. I personally didn’t have any major problems staying on the plant and I don’t think others will as long as they try to be safe and take it slow and steady. A fun game and definitely recommended


Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Reflections
steam page: link
Review date: 15-05-2019

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