Guacamelee! Gold Edition

What can i say, It’s a good game. Guacamelee! features or protagonist Jua, A manly, handsome and quite strong luchador with the goal of saving El Presidente’s daughter from the evil sombrero wearing skeletonman? Calaca. It’s what you would expect from a well made side scroller beat em up with all the essentials and more put together in a crisp and fun format to entertain and challenge the player in fun and interesting ways. The player is given a few basic maneuvers, combat moves and skills to start with, which slowly as you progress through the story become stronger and evolve as you get new ones and do your best to use them all and try to figure out the different puzzles and all of the rest the game brings. It is in all honesty a very fun game and it’s quite simply just a good time to play. Now you could stop reading the review here and just go play it and I’m sure you would have a great time but there is a few more things i would like to get out of the way before calling the review over. As i explained above the game is really solid and fun but i have to include a “but” about a few things. The game isn’t very long first of all so don’t expect to sit there for days playing this game. I don’t see this as a bad thing but i would sometimes like some more out of the game than what it had to offer as i found it feeling all over a little too soon when it comes to the story. The overall gameplay is very fun and it has so many cool enemies, bosses and challenges you have to overcome but despite probably being spoiled with a bunch of great stuff am I still going to say it felt a little bored towards the end. It gets repetitive, the jokes is a good example as they can be a charming at first but once it keeps going with the same kind of jokes that all feel a tat old it just loses some of its charm. It’s without a doubt a really great game and a lot of fun but i do feel like it’s a tat overhyped and overly glorified as a exceptionally good metroidvania style game without equals. It’s fun, It has amazing art style that is so cool and enjoyable to look at but there’s no need to oversell what it is. It’s a side scroller beat em up with good art style and a story. The story line doesn’t really pull in the player or makes him feel invested in much, and the game gets more and more repetitive the longer you get. So I suppose what I’m trying to say is, go for it, it’s a good time but don’t expect something extraordinary and just enjoy it for what it is, a good game.


Recommendation: Recommended
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: DrinkBox Studios
steam page: link
Review date: 11-12-2018

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