Guide to organizing and cleaning up your Steam-library

This guide will focus on how to clean up one’s steam library. This can mean different things to different people but it will generally focus on organizing and making your steam library as easy to use as possible and make it so it’s simple to find the games you wanna play. 

To obtain this will i go through a bunch of different strategies to use, each with their own positive and negative parts to them. And a few general tips and tricks that’s a little more universal.

General tips
  • You can hide games so they aren’t visible on your steam library. You can still access these games and unhide them by hovering your mouse above the library icon and then press the button labeled “Hidden”. 
  • In the top right corner can you change the view of how your games are displayed. The most commonly used is “Detail view” as it’s the most natural to read and search through.
  • Steam already has premade subcategories that you can’t see naturally when you press the library button. For those with “Videos/films”, “Software”, “Music” or “VR Games” can you see these specific types of content or programs by pressing on their respective names. 
  • You can also look at only downloaded/installed games on your computer instead of having to look at all games you have. 
  • You can also look at most recently played or purchased games by pressing the “Recent” button.
How to sort a steam library

If you right click on a game in your steam library can you give it a category. You can also add it to your favorites which puts it in a specific category so it’s easier to find. It’s the use of putting things into categories that will be covered here and what methods works well and the benefits and not so beneficial parts of them

No sorting 

This method is a little contradictory as it doesn’t do anything to sort the games or categorize them. It can still despite that be a really good way to find the games you are looking for if you don’t wanna use the searching function or only have a few games on your account. I will still say that this is only really useful for people with less than 100-200 games as it after that can get very hectic and is not very practical for people with multiple hundreds of games or even thousands. Positives: good with a few games, simple, doesn’t require any work. Negatives: doesn’t work well with many games.

Categorized by genre

I’m personally not a big fan of this way of categorizing ones games. The reason for this is that most games cover multiple genres and there isn’t a good way to choose what games goes to what genre other than your personal opinion. It is still preferred by some people as they find it to make the most sense and they can quickly find their games as they remember what games goes where. 

Your relationship to the games – (My way)

So this is my personal way of sorting a steam library and it’s a little custom. Most people that uses categories do it in a custom way and I will describe this broadly later but I still find my way to be using a specific strategy. 

One way of sorting your steam library is by putting the games into the categories of which they are being used. This is a little tough to explain so i will use examples of how i’ve done myself and list all my categories and explain them. But the essence of this strategy is to ask yourself “What do i want to do with this game or how do i use it?”. And you then just add categories as you find it to make sense. 

100% and rainy day 100%

I first off completed a bunch of games 100% and was an achievement hunter at some point. So because of this did i made two categories. One for Games completed 100% called “100%” and another one for games i might wanna play in the future to get all the achievements in called “Rainy day 100%”. This is a good way to sort the games i wanna play for this purpose and the ones I’ve completed. 

Awesome and Awesome Big

These two categories are for games I find awesome and really cool that i want to play in the future. The reason for the two categories is because there is a lot of games and it’s easier for me to find the ones i want when dividing them into small games and big games (disk space used).  

Free to play

This is very self explanatory and it contains all the free to play games i have on my account.

Lan (couch games)

This category includes all the games i have that i play when going over to a friends house or when we play games while sitting in a couch with some controllers and such. I have done this a lot so this category makes a lot of sense to me and it makes it easy when we are being together to look at all the games i have that we can play together. They don’t really have anything to do with playing over LAN i just found it to make the most sense with that name. 


This is 10-20 most played games i have that i always fall back to. It’s like the favorite games category you can have but i found this to make more sense to me. 

Needs to be fixed now

I have a lot of games and buy a lot of games so the new ones often end up in this category until i figure out what i want to do with them. They either from here go into another category, gets played or gets put in the hidden category.


This is for telltale games and ones like it. It’s just so they are easy to find and they are also a little unique so i gave them their own category. Probably gonna remove it as i have less and less of them left to play


This is the category with the most games in it. I don’t like when i have too many games in my steam library as it can get very hectic so once i feel like I’ve done everything want to do with a game is it thrown into this pile so i never have to look at it again. It’s of course very easy to find the game again but the reason it’s here is that if i ever really wanna play it again is it simple to find it in this category. 


If you’ve looked at my strategy can you probably see that it is quite custom. The reason for this is that a custom way of organizing the steam library makes a lot of sense for a bunch of people. To just do it in a way that makes the most sense is a very sensible thing to do. So just go about the way you think is the right way. I will however say that this one question will make it easier or it at least did it for me “How do i usually find a game and in what scenarios do i play that game”. I think that question can make some good categories and a smart way of organizing. 

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