Guide to pimping up your steam profile

This guide is gonna be more centered about how the concept works as well as show off some useful resources to help you on your way. 

How do I pimp up my steam profile?

There is two things people talk about when it comes to “pimping” your steam profile or making it cool. 

– The first one is very simple and is just making it look as cool as possible. This is usually achieved by getting specific background images and using the screenshot showcase to make a cool profile.

– The second option is getting a lot of stuff/content on your account like getting a bunch of achievements, writing guides or basically filling up the categories to make your steam account look like it has a lot to it.

I will explain and go about how you can do it in two sections, one for pimping and one for adding/creating stuff.

Pimping your profile page

There is many guides on the web on how to do it so I’m just gonna explain it and give some resources to help you on your way. 

Requirements: Cool background and Steam level 10

First off, the idea is usually to get a cool background and use a “showcase” to make a custom picture that is using the background but with effects added to it. 

You have to be at least level 10 before you can do this and you’ll need a cool background image. 

– Here’s a link to level up fast if you are new to badges: 

– Guide with cool backgrounds: link

There is an insane amount of backgrounds on steam and the ones I’ve linked here above can be a little expensive so try and explore for yourself on the market. 

Ones you’ve gotten to level 10 and gotten a cool background is it time to pimp your account 

Pimping the account

There is many ways to do it and it can be a good idea to look at some Examples.

this community is for people with cool profiles to show them off and it also has a bunch of resources and guides on how to create your own cool profile. Here you can get inspiration on how to do it yourself. If this isn’t enough or outdated then search on google and youtube for some more visuals examples and guides, I’m sure it it’s . 

writing with achievements

some people like to use the “achievement showcase” and write their name or a specific word with some achievements. There is a bunch of games with achievements that has the image of specific letters. The most commonly used game is called “LYNE”. Other games can also be found with letters for achievements. A good source for finding them is this curator but there is some weird games in that list so be aware of that.

Making stuff on steam


Everytime you play a game think about what you maybe like or dislike about it and go ahead and write a review on it. It’s very easy and can be as long or short as you like, it’s all up to you. You can just do one each day and they’ll quickly stack up. 


It’s a little more time consuming to make a guide but it shouldn’t be intimidating as it can be fun and interesting to write about your favorite games. You can write about all kinds of topics so take a look at your favorite games and see if there is a subject that isn’t written about or is written about poorly. Then try and fill out this gap. You can also look at smaller games as they are more likely to not have guides for them. I’ve also made a guide on “Steam guides” if interested. 

Videos, Screenshots, Art

I’ve put all of these together as they all require you to just create or upload stuff. You should just everytime you come across something cool that’s worth a screenshot take one and upload it to steam. You can if you want play beautiful games or cool games that might produce cool screenshots. Art is all up to you. You can make something that requires a bunch of work or something simple. And videos can be anything you want whether it be a specific weird moment or some highlights you wanna show off on your profile. It’s all up to you to be creative and just do it day by day. 

Workshop items

This is the last one I’m gonna cover as it’s a little more complex. Take whatever games you enjoy and see if there is the possibility for creating your own stuff. This could be skins for CS:GO or maybe some weird contraption in Garry’s mod. It’s all up to you and there is tons of ways to go about this. Some games have it all inside the game and other games require you to do stuff outside the game. 

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