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Steam Community section/tab

Why even make a guide about this subject? Well i personally love the features steam offers to its users when it comes the community tab in the steam browser. There is so many awesome features that really add to the experience and makes it much more rewarding and worthwhile when playing games and wanting to go beyond that. You can post discussion topics if you have problems, you can read and create guides about games and you can even add new things to games through the workshop feature. There is so much cool stuff to do and explore along with others. That’s why i wanted to do a little guide on all the different features to show what they can offer.

Here is an guide for contributing screenshots, artwork and videos to the steam community for those interested and if you are curious while reading through the other sections. link

Community hub 

What is the community hub? You have probably used it already without noticing it as it simply refers to a game and all of its sub sections under the community tab. If you click on the community button can you search for either games or people it’s when you search for a game and click on the game that you arrive at the community hub. This usually shows off artwork, news and some other content that’s been shared about the specific game. You can also access it through any of the other tabs or from the specific game in your library and then press the button on the right hand side where it says “Community hub”. You can then from here just go ahead and press whatever section you are interested in. The subsections are “Discussions”, “Screenshots”, “Artwork”, “Broadcasts”, “Videos”, “Workshop”, “News”, “Guides” and “Reviews”. and they will be covered here below in the given order.


This section is quite simple and straightforward as most of the other sections. Here you can find community made discussions or some made by the developers about the game status. This can be from people discussing bugs, new features and all kinds of topics. The general use of this section is to tell people or developers about problems with the game in some form or shape but it can be used for anything you like. Some other examples could be: People looking for someone to play with or members for some event, Help with achievements, Trading and the list continues. As you can see there is much to learn, read about and contribute to yourself so make sure to use it, if you ever feel like you are in need of letting go of some frustration or are looking for some guidance or help with a topic. Just make sure to not abuse or spam stuff i guess but I’m sure you’ve well aware of that.


This section is for the publicly shown screenshots from a game. Everytime you capture a screenshot while playing a game is it saved on your pc. You are then prompted by steam if you wanna do something with these screenshots when closing the game. It is here you can then upload them for the world to see. You can also either not upload them or make them private as you see fit. There is also the possibility to access these by clicking on a game in your steam library and then scrolling down to the bottom to see your screenshots. Or thirdly by going to your profile page and from here press screenshots to see all the screenshots you’ve taken. The guide in the top of the guide further explains this and other topics. 

But you can here look at, upvote/downvote and comment on peoples screenshots that has been shared across the community.


This part is a quite similar to the screenshots section but focuses on custom made art and pictures that doesn’t fit under the screenshots category. Here you can see a bunch of memes, custom illustrations or tweaked ingame pictures. I will admit that this feature isn’t used a whole bunch as people still tend to upload and use other media’s to share their art and such but there is still some hidden gems and cool stuff gets uploaded each week for people to see and look at. 


If you didn’t know already then here’s a game changer for you, steam has its own broadcasting/streaming service. I can’t blame you for not knowing about it as it is not really used by that many or very interactive. It works great as a platform to just stream your gameplay and can easily be used as a quick and easy way to share what you’re playing with your friends. The reason why it isn’t used as much is because it’s more preferable to use twitch and youtube as they have more features and of course also offer payment possibilities and so on if you use their platform. You can actually even use the chat emotes from your account so there is lots of possibilities but it’s not used and probably won’t be used unless they add something that would make it attractive to stream on such as the possibility to donate to the person playing/streaming or more customizable features for how you want the stream to look. It might become something in the future but as it stands now is it nothing you need to worry about too much. 

You can stream a game just by accessing the ingame steam overlay and pressing the broadcast button. You can then share this to others by clicking on them and inviting them to watch or have people tune in from the broadcasting section of the game in the community section.


This section is quite similar to the screenshots section but it uses youtube as a platform for uploading and storing the videos. Once you upload a video to youtube can you go into your account on steam and add videos. You can also connect your steam account and youtube account to each other. This tab then just shows recently added/uploaded videos and you can see your own that’s added to your account from your profile page. Further instructions on how to do this can be found in the top of this guide. 


This feature is one of the reasons why steam is as great as it is. The fact that people easily and quickly can create, customize and share their own contributions to a game is so freaking awesome as well as how easy it is for others to download and use these. There is endless possibilities for what you can download and what you can create so it’s just a matter of what you want to try or are interested in creating yourself. I won’t go into much depth on this and games differ very widely in how much content are added to them as well as how easily you can create content for them. Some good examples of games with a bunch of custom mods is “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” or “Garry’s Mod”. Theses two behemoths when it comes to custom mods offer endless amounts of extra content and really adds to the games. An awesome feature to say the least.


This section can be found two places. From the store or from the community hub. I personally prefer the store “Version” much more as it also seems like that is the intended place to read about these things and the formatting is much better and easier to get an overview of the news. Nonetheless, the news tab is awesome as it allows the developers to share the latest updates and upcoming features and events on a game. Here you can read the most important changes to a game such as patch notes or other changes. There isn’t that much to say other than it’s a great tool to stay informed about your favorite games. It’s easily accessed through the game in your library.


I’m a big fan of how steam has integrated the use of guides. It’s a great tool to share one’s experiences with a game and to show others your findings and tell about the most optimal parts of a game. This is of course not the only use of guides as there is a bunch of ways you can use guides and different topics to write and read about. Guides really sets steam apart as the community can use this feature to show others and guide them in a great format that’s easy to use and simple to create. I’ve made a guide on “guides” that goes further into this but make sure to use this feature as it’s really awesome.

You can access this the easiest from the library or the ingame steam overlay. Here you can read guides people have created. Examples of guides could be: “Achievements guides”, “How to unlock xxxxx character” and the list goes on. 


This is the last part of the steam community hub. It simply shows of reviews people have made on the steam store. You can also read these reviews one the games store page but this is just another place to see and read them. You can still create your own reviews on a game through the store page or from your game library.


This guide is to a very big extend redundant as most people know almost all in this guide. I still nonetheless wanted to make it as a minor tribute to what steam has created and to show off how you can use all the many features. It was also a bit to make sure people don’t forget about how many things steam offers to its community and user base. Steam is in no way perfect and has many flaws but it is easy to forget how much great stuff they have going for them and how easy they make it to play games. 

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