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One of the reasons steam is a great platform is it’s focus on bringing tools to its users and it gives many places to show and share the work they make. They also have different ways of communicating with others, ask questions and much more to fulfill whatever desire you might have related to games. One of these tools is Guides

What is steam guides

Guides are meant as a way to write, show or display something about a game that might be of use to others. Each guide is meant for a specific game and it can of course also be useful to other games but the main focus is the specific game at hand. The limits to what one can do with a guide is to a big extent limitless and is only confined by the restrictions you give yourself. There is a bunch of different categories that each guide can fall under but the ones listed below are some of the general uses for a guide

  • A “Guide” on how to accomplish or do a specific task or multiple 
  • Game-mechanics or specific elements of the game like the world or characters in it. 
  • Workshop or community made oriented guides. 

These aren’t meant as a way to cover all categories but more of a way to show some of the uses a guide can have. It’s like the word very much suggests, “A document able to show and direct one towards a specific direction that’s already been taken and studied by someone else”. Guides can be really useful and helpful for others as you might have mastered a game but found yourself struggling on the way to mastery. You can then create a guide to pass on this knowledge in the hopes of sparing others of the possible unnecessary hurdles you had to overcome. 

Why should i make one

It is as i mentioned above a great way to show and share with others what you might have learned about some parts of a game that might be of use to others. It can also be other things other than what you think is the best way to beat a boss, the main focus is just to make a guide including something you’d expect to be of use to others. So the answer to why anyone would make a guide is because they feel like there might information lacking, little to no guidance towards how to do something or because there is something they want to share with others.  

A good example is achievement guides. These are focused around the concept of achievements and how to get them the easiest way possible. These are made for the sole reason of telling others how one got all the achievements themself or share strategys on how to get them. This could be for secret achievements or ones that takes a long time to complete either because of many different requirements or a vast amount of work to be finished. This can all be a big hassle to think about when playing a game and there might not be any clear order on how to do things. So a guide can really help clear things up as it also might be a way of comparing what you already know with someone else to get clarification on what you actually are doing. 

When you’ve mastered a game is it sometimes hard to look back at when you weren’t so good like most other things in life. Once you get good at something, is when it becomes easy. But it might not have always been that easy so it can really be a supporting beacon for others to look at someones guiding words on how to do something. make guides because you want to, if the reason is for you own sake or others doesn’t really matter, just make something you think is worth the effort and the rest will take care of itself. 

How do i make one

It’s luckily very easy and simple to make a guide and steam has a bunch of great tools to make the guides. I’m not saying that it’s the world’s most user friendly or customisable tool but it’s very simple and easy to create something to share your ideas and knowledge. 

step 1: Find a game and create the guide

First part is quite obvious, you need to find a game you want to write something about. The ways to access the guide section for the game can be done in a few ways. the easiest way is to go to the game in your library and click the “Community Guides”  button. You can also go into the “community hub” under the “Community tab” and then access it from the navigation bar on the top where it says “Guides”. To find the community hub of a game press the big “Community” button in the top of steam and then search for the product/game you want to find.

After you’ve found the game you want to write about and accessed the guide section is it time to create the guide. To start, press the blue button on the right side that says “Create Guide”. It should be quite easy to see and you can also press the button above it saying “Guides you’ve made” to access previously made guides of your own. You are then presented with the first of three steps for each guide/sections and now it’s just time to fill them out. The three sections are as follows.
Basic Guide Information, Guide Content and Preview Guide 

step 2: Figure out how you wanna do it and what stuff to add

This step is focused around the three pages inside of the guide builder in steam 

Basic Guide Information, Guide Content and Preview Guide 

writing the guide will be under the guide content section.

Basic guide Information

Now is the time to figure out what you want to write. You should already have an idea of what you want to write about as that is the reason why you’re creating a guide so let’s get on with filling out all the spaces. 

You have to add a title quickly describing the content of the guide so others get a good idea of what it’s about. Examples could be: Achievement Guide, Walkthrough, How to unlock xxxxx character.

Branding Image
Branding image can be whatever you want it to as long as it’s square. The usual thing i do is just to use the snipping tool to cut out a small image that’s somewhat square and use that. Try to add an image that’s relevant but it’s all up to you. 

describe your guide
very simple just describe what your guide is about or how it might be of use to others. Try to make it cut to the point as fast as possible to avoid any unclarity. 

here you just simply check off all the different checkboxes for language and category. Is the guide in english or some other language and how many of the categories does it fall under.

Rights and ownership
This box is something you check as the last step. It’s of course obvious that you shouldn’t steal or take others work as your own. That’s not to say you can’t use others work as long as it’s ok with them, it’s already free to use or transformative in a way that’s making it your own. make sure to give credit where credit is due but don’t be afraid of writing something as it is very unlikely to be taken down as it requires quite a bit of stealing and borrowing from others to make it directly stolen or taken. 

Guide Contents

This is the main section you’ll be using when creating your guide. The biggest thing is the “Guide Contents” bit in the top. I’ll explain the other bits quickly here, and then go on to explain how to write the guide and go back to further explain these things as needed. 

here you can upload images to use in the guide. I personally have always found it easier to insert and manage when actually writing and editing the guide but do as you see fit. It can also be very useful for managing and deleting images that you’ve uploaded. 

screenshots and videos
When writing the guide can you add screenshots and videos that is added to your account and that is under the specific game section. That means when you take a screenshot and upload it to steam is it also accessible here instead of uploading as an individual image. this also goes for videos. I have never really used this feature or found it useful but use it as you see fit.

This is where you can add other “Authors” or people that has helped contribute to or create the guide. You can’t add people unless they are on your friends list. 

Now that all of that is out of the way is it time to write the guide. first off add a new section so we can write and add some stuff to the guide. Once you’ve added a section is it time to click on it and write some stuff. It might be a good idea to quickly think about or write down how you want to divide up the guide. This is to keep everything organized and make it easy to read so people can find the things they need more effortlessly when using the guide. 

Here you can add a title, write the stuff that goes into the guide and add images. Before we go into that would i like to write about the two other tabs in the top.

  • the preview tab shows how it looks when actually reading the guide and can be quite helpful when formatting to make sure everything looks right and are set up correctly.
  • The view diffs tab is to show previously saved versions if you wanna go back to previous versions or if you’ve deleted something. 

Each section needs a good title. This should reflect what the section is about. A way to do this might be to do a section in the start explaining the structure or content of the guide and then later write about what you wanna write about. 

Now that you have a good title is it time to write some nice content for the guide. It is fairly straightforward to write stuff. You just write it, the thing that might be a little more tricky at first is the formatting. The best way to learn it is pressing the button “Formatting Help” next to all the other symbols. Here you can see how you can change the size and looks of the text. it might also be an idea to look at other guides to see how they’ve organized things to give inspiration to yourself. formatting is very helpful and can really change the feel of the guide as well as make it much easier to read and navigate around in. It shouldn’t take much time to learn or get good at for that matter so just try your best and I’m sure it will work out just fine. 

– The only two things left is how to add youtube videos and images. 

  • Images can be added by first uploading the image by pressing the “choose file” button. After selecting the image make sure to press the “upload” button otherwise you won’t be able to use it. 
  • videos is a little easier. You just have to insert the youtube link by using the button “Insert Youtube Video” and then your done.

Both videos and images have the option of being either left-aligned, right-aligned or full width. This is all up to the individual but just choose whichever size you feel fits best. If it’s an important video or the only thing in the guide make it big. If it’s just for aesthetics or for the sake of having it maybe make it a little smaller. 

step 3: finalize and polish everything up

You are essentially done now and this step is not even needed. I would still say nonetheless that it is a good idea to go through the guide and check for any spelling errors if you haven’t done so already as steam doesn’t have any autocorrect or such. You should probably also see if you have gotten said what you set out to say or show with the guide and whether or not the stuff you’ve made are chaotic, disorganized or clumsy to go through. I hope this helped, was informative or sparked some interest. 


How do I see the guides I’ve made?

You can either can either click on your profile page and then click on guides to acces them from there. You can also go into the specific game and go in under guides and press the button “Guides you’ve made”


Will i get anything out of writing guides?

The best answer is no. You will increase the number on your profile page telling you and others how many guides you’ve made but that’s essentially it. You won’t get any monetary og materialistic gains. You will on the other hand help out a bunch of people with your guides and it might become a big guide in the future which may lead to other things or spread your name around the world, if you’re lucky.


How do i make pictures the best way or make the guide look pretty?

My best tip here is learning a little bit of “photoshop” or free solutions such as “gimp”. You can get really far just being able to resize a picture or add simple text and symbols to emphasize specific parts of an image 

when it comes to the text is the best advice to just simply look at other peoples work and compare it to your own. And often ask yourself questions like how can i make it better? How would i like it to be setup so it’s easy to navigate? and so on.


What do i make sure other people will think my guide is good?

Again it’s just a matter of asking yourself what you would find necessary or helpful. Once you’ve answered those questions can you begin to look at what might be nice to have and just keep asking yourself how to improve it and make it better. Once you’ve done everything you can to make the guide the way you think is the best is when others will feel the same. And of course listen to others in the comments. When people have improvements for the guide listen to them and see what they are suggesting. 

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