Guide to steam profile page

This guide will focus on your profile page and all the aspects of it. It will cover all the features you have and that you can use on your profile page. 

Edit profile

I’ll start of with the one you get to do once you’ve created your account. There is of course all the basic stuff, like your name, country and all that. The rest of the things you can change include

  • profile picture
  • summary
  • profile background
  • featured badge
  • primary group
  • showcases

most of the things are very self explanatory and will be explained in more detail further down in the guide but the only special one is “Showcase”. Here you can add multiple unique sections about you like your rarest achievements, favorite games, screenshot showcases and so on. I can highly recommend to play around with this but some of the features are locked behind the “Level” which has its own section in this guide. 

I will go into detail in another guide how to make your profile cool or ways to pimp it up by using these things but i will focus on the features of the profile page in this guide. 

Privacy settings

You can choose whether or not you wan’t your profile to be private or public as well as specific settings about it. This could be that only friends can see your account or some things are private but that’s all up to you.


Trading cards and badges have been around for a few years now as well as the concept of your personal steam level. I found a discussion thread that explains everything that the levels unlock.

the rewards for Steam Levels are as follows:

  • per level = +5 friend slots (base: 250, link facebook: +50)
  • at level 8 = recieve trading cards for certain actions (playing the minigame, voting in polls, etc; determined by the event) during a steam sale event
  • per 10 levels = +1 profile showcase slot
  • per 10 levels = increased drop rate for booster packs from community crafted badges

You gain experience by gaining badges either from events or by crafting them using trading cards. The higher your level the more experience is needed to level up. You get trading cards by purchasing them from the market or you get half of what’s needed to craft the badge if you play the game. You don’t need to own the game to own it’s trading cards. 


There isn’t much to this section. You can see all the games you own or someone else own from their respective profile. The biggest thing here is that you can sort when looking at others profile for games you both own to make it easier to play with friends. 


Steam combines all your games possible ingame-items under the same roof. You can in your inventory see all the items you own if they can be accessed from outside the game. Some popular games that make big use of this are “Dota 2” or “CS:GO” with their many skins and other ingame items. There is also the aspect of trading these items or selling them on the community market but this guide won’t go into focus on that. Just know that your inventory contains items that’s either steam items such as games, trading cards, backgrounds and so on or specific game items such as skins. 


here you can see all the screenshots you’ve uploaded to your steam account. You can also here manage them and change whether or not they should be public or private, as well as upload new ones.


you can link your youtube account to your steam account and from here then add videos from said youtube account so they are shown via your profile. Don’t worry about it putting up whenever you upload videos to youtube as it only shows videos you directly decide to add to your account. 

Workshop Items

Here you can see and administer all workshop related things on your account. This includes ones you’ve made yourself as well as ones you’ve subscribed to. You can also here add or update payments methods if you create workshop items that end up in games to get a part of the revenue of the thing sold. This is of course only gonna be used be a select few people but still nice to know. 


Very self explanatory, contains all the reviews you’ve written. Here you can see all the reviews you might have written. There isn’t much else to say other than it also shows the total amount of reviews you have on your account as well as the total amount of products on your account.


Here you can upload artwork. It’s to upload artworks for specific games and you can use it as my might please.


You can create and join different groups/communities on steam. This allows for people interested in specific things to join each other and interact and share their thoughts. Groups can have many purposes and there is many different kinds so use them as you like. There is many advantages and ways you can use a group so feel free to explore groups as well as what they offer. 


Last feature There is to cover is your friends list. There isn’t much to say here other than you can check out all your friends here and see whether or not they’re online, ingame or offline of course. There is also the possibility to see blocked people, following, followed, your groups and so on. 

Activity feed

This isn’t really a feature on your profile but I’m still adding it as it’s most fitting here. This feature can be accessed by clicking on your name or the activity button. Here you can see all of the latest achievements, purchases and uploaded content from your friends to see what they are up to. It’s a neat feature but It’s a little chaotic and I don’t use it that much.

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