One of the best sports animes i’ve ever seen

It’s just amazing. We have our main main protagonist Shouyou Hinata as the center of the show, but don’t worry as it is just as much about his team as it is about him. It also has the fairly common plot of him suffering from some weakness here being his height, even though it doesn’t stop him from achieving his dream of playing volleyball out on the court. He ends up playing all through middle school but happens to get destroyed at a tournament to his new rival “the king of the court”,Tobio Kageyama. The two of them then ends up on the same volleyball team in high school where the two realise their chemistry and how well they compliment each other’s playstyle as they begin to become an essential part of their team.

The anime has superb quality both in the music department and story section but also in the animation and just overall style and composition. That’s all fine and dandy and basically just means it’s overall really nice but what is it exactly that makes this happen,well I’m glad you asked. They are just really good at capturing the feeling of giving it your all and showing everything that happens on the court in a way so everything plays together in a great harmony. That means you have great action and thrilling moments where you’ll end up catching yourself holding your breath just waiting for that final moment where it all gets decided. You’ll root for the team as they fight through rigorous training trying to improve and learn everything they can to become stronger. And lastly just be glad and happy on their behalf when they succeed and win a game as if you had been a part of their team.

It’s all maybe a little sugar coated but It is truly an amazing anime and it has the popularity it has for a good reason. It’s definitely a great watch and worth the time spent watching it.

Recommendation: Very Highly Recommended
Episodes: 25
Studios: Production I.G
Myanimelist: link
Review date: 15-05-2020

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