Hellsing Ultimate

It’s probably one of the shows I regard as one of the best ones out there in terms of overall enjoyability. You can definitely point out how it might lack in story or the only reason it’s good is because of the visuals and the rest but I wouldn’t be so quick to just say that. I would personally say that the story might be its weakest point but its a very shallow thing to say because I think the story is really quite cool. It’s not like it’s the most convoluted or branching story with tons of characters, special plot points and all kinds of weird stuff. It’s just a really cool story of the vampire Alucard beating Nazis across England. It also has what I would define as some really cool characters that knows how to give a beating to say the least. They have a nice pace when it comes to their development and how they evolve as characters and it’s generally interesting to see how they interact with each other and affect one another. They are also just insane and so much fun to watch as they all have incredibly interesting and very amusing character traits that really helps build a great persona for each of them.

Going away from the characters and the story is it just an amazing show. I don’t really have to spend much time on talking about the soundtrack and art because it’s just spot on. The music to the design of it all is really cool and really captures the essence and feel of the situation and the environment the show puts you in. You really get captivated and enraptured into the world as you see hellsing blasting through people as if they were exploding pinatas.

So to wrap it up. The essence of the show is a great action packed story of hellsing the vampire that doesn’t hold back on the humour and just pulls in the viewer to a really enjoyable time.

Recommendation: Very Highly Recommended
Episodes: 10
Studios: Madhouse, Satelight, Graphinica
Myanimelist: link
Review date: 04-01-2019

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