Alright series. It’s not that difficult to see I’m not the intended age group but i still enjoyed it. It was well done and had some interesting characters and creatures.

It’s about this girl Hilda and her mom that lives out in the forest. Hilda is really good at attracting weird creatures and animals and really loves the forest for all the cool stuff in it. Then one day it’s time to go into the city. She’s against it at first but the city also has cool stuff to offer in terms of new adventures and friends.

It’s not an extremely deep or intricate series but it’s well made and the core elements are solid and that means a lot. The stories have morale most of the time, and the episodes are fun, interesting and enjoyable. I can recommend it if you’re interested in something a little more chill and that reminds of shows you might have seen when you were younger. And i don’t think it’s one of those shows that are patronizing or over simplifying things. It handles the story and explains things in a good way. Good show.

Recommendation: Recommended
Seasons: 2
Production: Silvergate Media
IMDb: link
Review date: 12-01-2020

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