Hotline Miami

Fast passed gameplay, top down view, cool graphics and a bunch of violence. This is to some people a description of Hotline Miami and those people are by the way me. And by the way it’s so much fun. You can’t go wrong if you go hotline miami as it’s such a nice title. Like there’s a good story, the combat system and controls are very crisp and they have weird masks for christs sake what more can you ask for. With all the gimmicks aside, I really like hotline miami and it’s a really nice game. The game is set in miami 1989 and consists of our protagonist that keeps on getting weird missions from his answering machine to take out different kinds of people. Then you just go out kill some bad people “I think” and then you get on with your day. Well… you don’t exactly just go out and hammer up the place because the game actually requires you to act quite stealthy. You can without a doubt go in and make the biggest mess you could ever imagine and you probably will but you’re gonna have a hard time as the people you are set out to kill doesn’t go down without a fight. The game requires you to take a strategic approach to a certain extent and then you can smash up the whole thing. It’s a bunch of fun being challenged to get rid of all the baddies and trying to stay alive as you don’t really get a second chance if you get hit. The General stuff is in order with some cool UI and overall aesthetic looks and everything just making the whole experience quite smooth. The game actually get quite the amount of love for it’s music and how it’s used with the surreal visuals when exploring the story of our special hero. So do yourself a favor and get it as it’s often on sale for a good price.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Dennaton Games
steam page: link
Review date: 17-01-2019

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