How to complete games 100% / become a completionist

So have you ever thought about going for all of those pesky achievements and prove that you are the best. Well then you’re in luck because this guide will tell you how to go about it!

You can’t really say there is one single way or “this is how you become a completionist” so this is more of a way to explain some good ways to go about it and some tips and tricks. 

First off is asking yourself what it is you really want. For me that was to take a game and do anything I could do with it so i could uninstall it and leave it for good so I never had to think about it again. That might sound a bit harsh but when you have a bunch of steam games can it be nice to hide a few of them so everything isn’t disorganized and chaotic. 

Second thing is thinking about how you wanna go about it. Are you a console or pc player? do you care about getting the achievements for specific games? Do you just wanna clean up your steam library? are you just interested in many games with 100% or getting a ton of achievements? These are all questions you have to think about and put in the back of your head to figure out a plan of attack and how to go about it. 

I will make sections for each of these questions and answer them to the best of my ability to clarify what you should do 

And before i do so. If you just want a bunch of achievements and game with 100% then just search on google for “How to get many steam achievements” or “Easy games to 100%” and you’ll find tons of cheap and easy options. I will mention and elaborate on this but I’m writing this here first to get it out of the way. 

What is it that you care about when it comes to achievements?

Getting achievements can be really fun and have lots of advantages like exploring and discovering hidden parts of a game you might not have looked for if it weren’t for the achievement. They also serve as ways of telling how far you are in a game and how much progress you’ve done and can be very good overall. They can sadly also be a burden as many people tend to focus on getting the achievements rather than just enjoying the game for what it is. 

That’s why you have to ask yourself what is it i care about and why do i want the achievements. If you wanna complete a game 100% because you really like the game and wanna take on that challenge then that’s what you care about. If you just want another game to the collection that you’ve completed 100% then that’s what you care about. If you just wanna go for a specific achievement and don’t really care about the others and are gonna focus on the game afterwards then and you might have guessed it, that’s what you care about. as you can see is it quite simple to figure out why and how to go about it. You just have to figure out how important it is to you to get the achievements and if you think it’s something that’s worthwhile

How do I decide that I’ve done what i wanted to do? 

This is a matter of setting goals for yourself. This can be based on the feeling you get when you overcome getting the last achievement for a game. It might be just seeing the total amount of games go up that you’ve cleared 100%. It might be when you’ve done a review or made something for the community or workshop for that specific game. It’s all different from everyone but I would like to point out that many of these things aren’t that important in the big picture and you should ask yourself why it is you’re doing the things you’re doing to see why. 

With that said, it’s a good way to set goals beforehand and then continue to adapt and change them as you progress. You should ask yourself what you want to see at the end of your goal and then chase it and see where it gets you. There isn’t really any answer i guess to this question other than do something and when you’re done with it review it and see what you’ve gotten out of it. 

How to get many games 100% or a ton of achievements?

There is many resources and answers to this question so i suggest to make your own discoveries once you’ve read through a few of these. 

Other people

One of the best ways to find games that is easily beaten or that gives a bunch of achievements is to look at other people with these exact criterias fulfilled. But then you ask how do i find these people? One way is to look at websites that is focused around achievements and you can also look for communities that is based around the concept. This is a good way to find people like you so that you can look at them and investigate how they have gotten the achievements they have. 

Lists and places to find games to beat

There is many sites that shows off what games is easily beaten. A few of these include 

These are also great for tracking your own progress as well as looking at others. Another great tool for this is actually steam itself as it offers tons of lists and people that has tons of games beaten and high numbers of games beaten 100%. I can also suggest getting the chrome extension “Steam inventory helper” that is able to show a bunch of extra really useful information when browsing steam using chrome. 

If you aren’t interested in looking for new games and would rather complete games you already own then there is a few strategies and things to look into. It’s first off a great idea to see if there already is guides made for the game that explain how long it will take or how difficult it will be to get all achievements. It’s also good to look at the percentages of people that’s actually gotten all achievements for a game to see if it looks feasible or not to you. It isn’t that difficult just look at the achievements and guides for a game and you’ll get a feeling for how the game is and how easily beaten it is. 

If you are interested in getting a bunch of achievements is it a matter of looking for lists with games that has a bunch of achievements or finding people that has a bunch of achievements. Once you find a single game on the store is it quite often that you’ll see similar games next to it or be referred to other games that also offer tons of achievements. It’s just a matter of looking and finding the treasure you seek. 

Becoming a completionist

There isn’t really any way of giving someone a stamp and giving them the name of a completionist. It’s all up to the individual to say when he feels satisfied with himself and his accomplishments. It is though a good thing to have at least a few games beaten 100% and maybe trying to go for more achievements when playing a game than you usually would and then you’ll be on your way. other than that just follow the above mentioned tips and do as you please. 

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