How to get games cheap

It’s quite easy to see why people would say the world revolves around money and that is why we like to get things as cheap as possible. This guide is meant as a way to find places to get games for cheap. I will like to point out that i don’t support any kind of piracy when it comes to games and this list doesn’t focus on methods on how to gain games through shady methods and such.

Humble bundle

I would like to start off with one of my favorite sites on the planet. Humble bundle is a site that offers special “Bundles” with a bunch of different games with different tiers for how many games you want. It usually changes weekly or so and you get a lot of games for cheap that might be very expensive otherwise. The biggest plus to the site is how you can get so many different kinds of games for cheap but that’s also part of the downside. You often might only care about a single title or game and won’t be able to get it unless you meet the specific payment requirement. I personally don’t mind this as much as i look at it like i get some other awesome games i can try out in the future but i can see how it’s a little annoying for others. But even if you don’t care about the big titles can you almost always buy some very descent games for 1$. It’s a great way to boost your steam library size and potentially get games for other platforms once in a while like playstation and other games that aren’t available on steam. 

The other part is humble monthly that each month offers expensive games as the main titles and some maybe lesser known or less expensive titles included. This is also a great way to get some great games but it’s really obvious how random the games you are going to get are as you have no idea what is gonna be arriving each month. You will almost guaranteed never get anything that’s extremely new or so called new-releases as they mostly offer not old games but not the absolutely newest ones if that makes sense. It’s like when a movie comes out in the cinema and it takes some time before you can buy it on dvd. 

Reseller sites

I don’t use reseller sites at all mostly and for the most part don’t recommend them but feel free to use them at your own leisure as they do have some benefits

Reseller sites is a big business when it comes to buying games/game keys for cheap. These can have ups and downs and should always be looked at critically when buying games. One of the reasons for this is that some people steal credit cards and then buy games with them for the stolen money. They then resell the games on different sites to make a profit and make it easier to use the money they get from the credit card. It’s then on the developer to give back the money to the original credit card holder which hurts the company that made the game because you wanted the game for a little cheaper. This is of course not always the case and i can’t say how often this is the case but it’s just to show how there might be something more to it that what you might think. 

Now that i’ve gotten that grim thing out of the way let’s talk about some options. There is a ton of reseller sites and i won’t go into much detail as I haven’t used them much personally. Some of the more well known options include 

other options i’ve heard good things about is

I don’t have any experience with the last two and only used g2a and kinguin minorly in the past so be sure take look at it with a grain of salt even though most of these sites are legit and you shouldn’t experience any problems with them. I personally hate g2a because of their business model and how they push stupid shit onto you. It also takes about 1 hour to say no to paying them money each month and is overall not recommended


The biggest and maybe the only real reason to use them is to get games that isn’t available elsewhere anymore. this might be games that has gone away from the steam store or other things which you can still get keys for on these sites. There is also a few sites like 

that offers to see where the best deals are. make sure also to get the chrome extension 

that offers the same feature and others similar to it. 

Steam sales and bundles 

It’s most likely that you’ve seen or taken advantage of steam sales before. They happen dozens of times each year and offers great deals on many different games. Some specific sales and events are more well known and offers some of the best deals like the summer sale and winter sale but they are basically all the same when it comes to what they offer. You can use the feature wishlist to save specific titles to look at in the future, but i have actually never really bought anything i have on my wishlist and use it more or less to just see how a few games are doing in terms of price. 

Other than sales is bundles a really awesome way to save a bunch of money on games. I have many times bought games in a steam bundle where i already owned many of the titles but you don’t buy the ones you have again so you just get the discount for the titles you don’t own. Just take a quick look at when you wanna buy a game if it’s included in a bundle as you almost always can save some money if that is the case.

also bundles don’t have to be for specific games that you already have some in already of course. It can also be a way to just get a bunch of games or dlc and such for specific games for a great price. 

Trading games/game keys 

This is the last way to get games that i know of and that is quite simply just trading with others. But then you ask how will i get something i can trade with others? well if you’ve followed the first advise and bought games from humble bundle are you destined to come across games you already own. That means you’ll have extra game keys that you won’t be able to use. I have two great ways for you to get something useful out of these. 

first of is giving them to your friends or trading with your friends. this of course is all up to you how you wanna go about it, but you might have an extra copy of a multiplayer game you can give your friend or ask for real life favors like getting a pizza for it. This is just an all around good way to go about that will give you some friendship points. You should of course not buy your friends but it’s a nice thing to do in my opinion.

You can go about trading your games with others a few different ways. you can make a list online where people can see the games you have available to trade and look at others lists. I remember seeing a site that were used for this but you can just do a google drive document or a pastebin where you write the games you wanna trade. This is a great way to get some games for the ones you have as leftovers. Do keep in mind that the games you have as leftovers on humble bundles might be games others already have to it’s not always that easy but that’s an adventure to see for yourself. 


There is a ton of ways to get games and this is of course all of them but they should cover the majority of options available. To be able to get games from sources such as

  • humble bundle sales and humble monthly 
  • steam bundles and sales
  • reseller sites
  • trading

is awesome. It’s cool how there is all these options to explore and try to get good deals from. It’s all very much preference and personal experience for what makes the most sense so try them at your own leisure. 

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