Human Fall Flat

Human fall flat is one of the best physics based games I’ve played and more than not when enjoyed with friends. It’s an adventure-based game where you explore the map as you try and complete the many puzzles and hindrances in your way to progress. The way it works is that you control a somewhat clumsy or maybe let’s call him ungraceful character and then you grab the stuff around you to progress. And trust me when I say It’s a blast to explore the world and interact with the many objects and countless things in the environment that you can smash, move, climb on or whatever the fantasy tells you to do with them. It’s not an open world but it sure as hell feel like it sometimes because of the amazing work with the level designs. Each level has some fun and interesting puzzles and each level or world has different themes and looks to keep it interesting and fun. It’s not to say that you won’t get bored as you play through all the levels but I’ve personally only looked forward to each new level and it’s new puzzles and challenges it offered. So why should you consider playing or buying human fall flat? I would buy it if you have some friends and you’re looking for a good game to play with them and explore and enjoy some co-op gameplay. Every level is created so you only need one person but I would without a doubt rather play this with other people because of the fun possibilities there is to screw each other over and enjoy the fun physics of the game. It’s an adventure game and I can personally find it hard to find as good ones as this game to play with others or just in general. So consider booting up human fall flat and enjoy the fun adventures there is to be had.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: No Brakes Games
steam page: link
Review date: 15-04-2019

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